Hamartia: A flaw in a character that leads to the character’s downfall.

This is the basis behind the title of my blog, I guess you could say. In other Words: i love books. I read. a lot. for fun, for class. so i can stay up until 3 o’clock in the morning so i can sleep in. as a way to get out of reality, because, lets face it, reality pretty much sucks most days. for me, that is. i don’t know about you.

So… some basics about myself.

1. i spend my days as an English major. My love for books either getting deepened or destroyed depending on what we’re doing in class or whichever class i’m in.

2. My dream job is to be a librarian. or to, at the very least, work in some way at a library. i would rather live with the books then destroy them by interpretation. Also, i want to spread my love of books to others because i practically grew up in a library. hence, part of the blog, i guess.

3. I also love tv shows. i may rant about them from time to time as well. It’s en eclectic list that resides mostly in the 80s even though i am part of the 90s generation.

4. I seem unable to complete thoughts most of the time. i know where i’m starting and ending, but about halfway though i tend to get bored and not finish. it’s bad, i know. and annoying. but get used to it.

this is a short blog, but it’s my first. there will more to come, from time to time.


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