I Hate Endings

i wrote that from “time to time” (Imagine Martin Sheen on The West wing saying it. i do), i would probably rant about tv shows. and that i will do, even though at this point you have NO CLUE what i like to watch. and this will probably be a little shocking. yay for obscure 80’s  tv shows, as promised. 

I’m about to finish watching what is probably my FAVORITE tv show. ever. and i mean it. It’s a little known show from the 80’s called Scarecrow and Mrs. King. (No, i wasn’t kidding. when i said i liked 80’s tv, i meant it. and I rant about them. frequently). But anyways. I’m about to finish the last few episodes of this show, and i’m coming to realize how much i HATE when tv shows end. There’s a certain sadness to them, a certain non-closure that doesn’t quite happen, no matter what they lead you to believe. I mean… Do Lee and Amanda remain happily ever after. I mean, they should, but do they actually? the big one: DO THEY EVER HAVE KIDS? gosh i hope so. Does Francine ever find someone who won’t lead her on or want her just for her body? Or because she works for he agency. Does Melrose ever quit? What happens to Jaime and Phillip? SO MANY QUESTIONS THAT WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED. Man… it is frustrating. and that’s just for this show… there are others…

There’s crossing Jordan. I went through that show in about three weeks. Surprisingly, i wasn’t all that sad when it ended. i was just left w/ A TON of questions, of course. but the fact that Jordan and Woody supposedly ended up together made my heart melt and made me giddy. big time. (yeah, i’m a sucker for romance. ask anyone). 

The West Wing. About halfway through season  6 I HAD to stop watching because i hated how most of the characters had left, and the character changes. But then i started watching it again and i was OK. Surprisingly, I got through Leo’s funeral, albeit sobbing my head off. I got through the last episodes of it as well, crying. but i watched EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. then i started re watching, but that’s a blog for another time.  

Chuck. don’t even get me started on this finale. i finished and automatically screamed “THEY NEED TO MAKE A CHUCK MOVIE!!!!” thank goodness i was home alone for that one. 

Blue Water High. it’s a weird Australian tv show for teens that i found via netflix and LOVED. watching that third season was kind of horrible, because i KNEW how it was going to end. and it was like NO NO NOOOOO. but it was amazing all the same. 

H2O Just Add water. another australian teen tv show via netflix. the the last episode where everyone graduated and the secret almost came out. gosh… great way to end a tv show. 

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. IT’S RIDICULOUS! so i’ll just shut up about it…  

Normally, I am a sobbing mess when a tv show ends. i have to take a few days/weeks/months off to regroup myself together and be able to finish the last few episodes. all the questions that remain answered or are raised…

But i guess there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes w/ it. A bit of yourself that says I FINISHED something. i usually do a happy dance and restart the show until i can find a new one. i just don’t even want to THINK about how many hours i wasted enjoying said shows. seriously. i don’t. 

Endings SUCK. they do. but at the same time… i guess one could say it’s worth it. most of the time. 


2 thoughts on “I Hate Endings

  1. I felt that way about Firefly, and Joan of Arcadia. I hate it when something I love and am invested in is just taken away without closure. Especially when it is something that makes you think and stirs you.

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