I will thank three classes worth of cultural studies/ mass culture in Lit Theory for THIS rant. Also, the Facebook post of Facebook posts that made me mad enough to want to blog (although i seem to be blogging about everything but). Took me long enough to get here, right? So, here goes. 

Disenchantment: to make disappointed or disillusioned (thanks, dictionary!)

Lately i find myself disenchanted with popular television shows, and drawn more to those made in the 80s. It sounds weird, right? i’m a product of the 90’s. i should find myself ENJOYING shows on today’s world. but lately… everything seems boring. the procedural cop shows, even though they seem to have “variance” with how they are done, are really all the same. besides, they aren’t challenging enough. they pretty much only give you three people to choose from, and from there it’s too easy to pick from if you’re paying attention. then we started in on cultural studies. and it was almost as if my boredom suddenly had a name and full blown description. my disenchantment taking realization. granted, we only spent 3 classes talking about it, and we  talked about so many other literary theories this semester. it also makes me wonder if they have to include all the drama to ensure people don’t get bored. i know i’m more likely to watch something because characters have interesting lives more than the procedural part. also, that gets old after awhile, too. two characters are meant to be together, get together, forced apart and on and on. freakishly annoying. 

 basically, I’ve cut my cop shows down to two: bones and castle. and that’s pretty much because i love all the relationships that they have going on and aren’t ruining on purpose – yet. ok. fine. occasionally i indulge in rizzili and isles. their relationship is PRICELESS! and criminal minds. white collar. what’s not to love? it’d be amazing to be able to categorize people like they do, only i don’t want to.  

which brings me to my favorite shows. no one seems to understand my love for them. and that’s ok, because i do. so i go on long rants to get my emotions out, and if people see them they see them, and if not, i at least i got my emotions/thoughts out for me. 

 1. Scarecrow and Mrs. King. — no one, and i mean NO ONE, my age has heard of this show (or anyone else, for that matter). but it’s brilliant. and one of the BEST love stories hollywood has ever produced. for me, that is. it has that balance of drama, fighting, and romance. and it takes FOREVER for the main characters to get together (so it seems), but once they’re together, they stay together. and i appreciate that, more than people will ever know. i rant about it. often. noticing how the first two season compare to the last two, and how they mirror each other in weird ways. unfortunately, no one i know watches it and can get ranty with me on it. *if anyone is interested, i would call this the 80s version of chuck – only i like this one better*

 2. The West Wing — at least a few people i know watch this. i started watching, tried explaining. the parents say “BUT IT’S LIBERAL. so why do you watch it?” i don’t watch it for the politics, i’ll say that. i watch it for the brilliant writing. i know what i like in a tv show – and this show has it in full force. “The Walk and Talk” is one of the most fascinating things television has produced in forever. i get so tired of trying to explain that to people. the politics are kind of a side benefit/annoyance. it forces me to take at look at why i believe what i believe. and i’m ok with being challenged on that. 

 3. Grey’s Anatomy — this is one of the tv shows that got me through liviing on campus my second semester of college. it obviously made me less bored. i don’t like admitting that i watch this because “what will people think????” but oh my word i’m addicted. i mostly love it for the great intros/closings from the characters. besides, if i didn’t like this tv show so much, i wouldn’t have made two of my college best friends. i like being ranty about this, how i either insanely enjoyed it or was pissed off beyond measure at the characters in their idiocy. every. single. episode. usually the highlight of my week.  half my tv board on pinterest (at least) is this show. what can i say? 

4. One Tree Hilll — again, i watch this mostly for the quotes. drama aside. but really, i love it. they made the relationships on this show so impossibly twisted, it’s insane. but still, i watch it because it’s INTERESTING. gosh, they just don’t make characters that awesome very often.  

5. Chuck — what i think to be the 2000s version of SMK, only not as well done. but still i think it’s utterly fantastic.  so… i watched. for me it’s the perfect blend of wanting to pull my hair out, cry, and laughter. and i mean every episode. plus, it’s entirely improbable. that almost makes it… better.and chuck and sarah together… perfect. yeah, i’m a closet romantic. and watching john casey evolve. THAT was entertaing (especially in the next to final episode where he admitted it). and ellie and awesome together. and morgan. and i pretty much fell in love. (Zachary Levi isn’t bad to stare at, either. =)  

Honorable Mentions:

Veronica Mars

The O.C. 21 jump st,



Dawson’s Creek


The Newsroom

… and so many more  

yeah, i have a disenchantment with tv, all right. mostly crime shows. and that’s ok. i obviously need to cut back, even though half the shows i love to pieces are no longer on tv. Plus, the 80s are better. i can’t really explain why. possibly because they have everything that today’s shows have, just, um cleaner on how they do it. 

These, and more, will probably show up if i’m “in the mood” to need to vent. if no one understands, that’s ok, because at least it’s out there. 



6 thoughts on “Disenchantment

  1. seriously. i mostly prefer older tv shows these days because it is FASCINATING what they manged to do w/out all of the technology. but mostly… it’s just one of my things. but my gosh it’s infuriating because no one else knows about them.

  2. Beautiful post! I love ‘Castle’ and ‘Rizzoli and Isles’. I loved ‘Body of Proof’ too. Dana Delaney was so wonderful. It is sad that they dropped the show after season 3. I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ too. I think ‘One Tree Hill’ would be one of my alltime favourite shows. ‘The West Wing’ is brilliant. I don’t think they will make a movie or a TV show about the Presidency as excellent as this again. I haven’t seen ‘Scarecrow and Mrs.King’. I will look for the DVD. Do you watch ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’? I love them too.

    1. Beware: scarecrow and mrs. king can be really hard to find! if you have netflix, they only have the first two seasons. i finally broke down and just bought them (but i’d watch before i’d spend money on them). it’s from the 80s and can be slightly cheesy but oh my word how I love it! pretty brilliant, writing, too.
      i haven’t watched ‘body of proof’ mostly because i just haven’t gotten around to it yet. as for ‘the big bang’ i used to watch it almost every week. but the humor got to be to crass, i guess you could say, even though they started to tame it back.I just never got back into it. besides, i’m not big on TV comedies to begin with.
      i look forward to talking TV shows soon! with both you and lindsey.

      1. Sorry to know that ‘Scarecrow and Mrs.King’ is difficult to find. I will go on a quest for it now 🙂 I did some search and found some of the episodes on Youtube here. It looks like some good soul has uploaded it there. Is that the complete series? It looks like too few episodes to me. Looking forward to watching it. Thanks a lot for writing about this series. I wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise.

        Hope you get to watch ‘Body of Proof’. It makes me think of ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ but in ‘Body of Proof’ the main characters are all medical examiners and Dana Delaney is brilliant in that role. She also came as an FBI agent in a couple of episodes of ‘Castle’ and it was a pleasure to watch her in that too.

        Sorry to know that you didn’t like ‘The Big Bang Theory’. I can understand your feeling about the humour though. I liked the first six seasons, but the new season is not as strong as the older ones.

        Looking forward to reading your next TV show post 🙂

      2. Yes, there are a few episodes online. i know the pilot is, along with episodes from season 4 (so if you’re watching them and lee and amanda are actually together…). in total there should be about 80 some episodes. i’d have to check wikipedia or IMDB.
        i look forward to getting into body of proof. is it anything like crossing jordan? (that was such a FANTASTIC show that i forgot to put on here…)

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