30 days of grey’s anatomy

because the grey’s season 10 mid-season finale was last night and i didn’t feel like blogging, i present the 30  days grey’s challenge, which I already did this via tumblr for a whole 30 days. but i’m not going to redo it everyday. So, all answers here, in one huge post =) ENJOY *i did this before season 10 commenced… so one or two answers may be a bit skewed because i didn’t feel like changing them to fit the new season*

 1. favorite male character: 

 i’d almost have to say… hmmm.. derek. yeah, i know. seems like the most conventional choice. it’s also probably the most widely used. but i gotta say, i love his character growth. in season 1, he’s the egomaniac who ends up screwing the intern. but he ends up falling in love with merideth. he eventually marries her. BUT. and this is a BIG but, he’s no longer the egomaniac that he was. at the beginning of the show, he was running with burke for chief of surgery. there was tons of backstabbing and no real friendship. however, he ended up chief in season 6, realized it wasn’t for him, and gave it up after more than a few mishaps. however, i think i realized how fully he’s changed in this past season (9) when he told Brooks (the intern) to “stay weird.” i’m guessing that he wouldn’t have done that before and i think that made his character more appealing than he already was. 


2. favorite female character: 

Bailey. she’s the nazi (well, not anymore). i mean… how bad butt do you have to be to EARN a nickname like that? it only took them six seasons to get there. that flashback episode where you see where you see where Bailey started. danggg. she came a LONG way. and it’s fantastic. more characters need to be this awesome. 

 3. Favorite friendship: 

 merideth and christina. duh. they have totally different personalities. yet… they understand each other in a somewhat disturbing kind of way. they became friends pretty much out of necessity, now they’re friends by choice. the scene of them in the bathroom towards the beginning of season 2 complaining about boys and everything. i mean. PRICELESS. i can’t think of any other characters on a tv show who have done that. they’re both exceedingly rude to everyone. they can’t help but comment on everything without being negative. they’re the self appointed twisted sisters (although not so twisted anymore because merideth was “fixed”). they’re each other’s person. they understand each other when no one else does. they’ll do anything for each other. & i can only hope to have a friend like that when i’m older.

 4. day four: favorite couple

 hands down it’s jackson and april. i mean… i saw that coming from MILES away. after the season six finale, they were pretty much forced to become best friends. from there, it was only a matter of time. ok, i’m not a bit fan of HOW it happened. the one night stand that turned into one of the best relationships ever.  one of my favorite lines is from when jackson told april that it wasn’t just about the sex anymore. ohhhhh i was screaming happily at the tv that night! =) then everything got royally screwed up but the season ended up with april asking jackson to take her back if he can give her a reason. ohhhhh. torturous. 

5. Day five: least favorite male character 

 Burke. it’s always been Burke. even though he was only on for three seasons, he was always such a jerk. that’s the only way i can describe him. he was always an egomaniac. especially in his “race” for chief with Derek. then there was the way he handled christina. i felt he was only ev ever with her because she lost the baby. then there was the whole wedding business. i felt like he forced her into it. she didn’t want it. i’m glad he’s gone and i’ve never really missed him. 

 6. Least favorite Character: 

 I would probably have to say Kepner. i don’t know why. she’s the sweet one whom everybody loves (or at least pretends to). she used to have values. but i guess the fact that she gave them up for jackson, no matter how unwillingly it was done, dampened my affection for her character a bit. the sad thing is… my favorite couple on the show is her and jackson. ohhhh, the irony of it all. =) 

 7. Least Favorite Friendship: 

 i don’t know… i would almost have to say george and izzie when they were on the show. best friends turned lovers turned best friends again. one night of stupidity practically ruined EVERYTHING for them. and for george and callie… so even though they got back on track, it still happened. callie still divorced him. they had to go through that awkward phase of getting to know each other again. so, i liked them as friends pre-relations. not so much post-relations

 8. Least favorite couple: 

 Callie and Arizona. and no, it’s not because they’re both females. while i don’t particularly care for it, their personalities have never meshed well. it’s always felt so.. forced. that’s the only way i can put it. so, therefore, least favorite couple. 

 9. Favorite actor: 

 justin chambers AKA alex. i think the the i like about him most is that he’s married. he has like five kids and yet he still manages to pull off one of the biggest players alive. amazing. (i don’t want to know how he does it. or how his wife lets him). 

 10. Favorite actress: 

 Sandra Oh. she pulls off this cold no-emotions doctor who really isn’t as bad as people say she is. then you watch bonus features and hear how they give her as little lines as possible because her features do the talkiing for her. amazing. 

 11. Favorite Season: 

i have to say the first. even though it’s half the episodes of almost all of the other seasons, it’s the basis of where all of characters start. even though most of the original cast is gone now and have been replaced.  whenever i want to see how far they’e come, all i have to do is go back to the beginning.  it’s amazing to see the changes. how far they’ve come. and how far the show has come, as well. 

 12. Least favorite season: 

 i have to say four. i don’t know why, but the mer-der drama of this season just insanely pisses me off. and i can’t stand it. then he goes to rose…  plus everything else that goes on. deff not my favorite season. at all. 

 13. Favorite Quote: 

 “i want you to promise me something. if you love someone, you tell ’em. even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground. you say it and you say it loud.” 

Sloan to Jackson, season 9, ep 2 ❤ 

14. favorite episode: 

 9 seasons of grey’s… and i have to choose one. ONE favorite episode out of over 200. oh. good. grief. so choose i will. it would come down to “heart in an elevator” and “time warp”  

15. Least favorite episode: 

 the one where the chief goes back to drinking. so so upsetting. and having to watch him struggle back to where he needed to be so he could be where he needed to be. so so sad. 

 16. Favorite place in the hospital: 

hmmmm. the on call rooms. used for everything but actual sleeping. 

 17. Favorite elevator scene: 

 like so many of these questions, i have to choose one. but unlike the other ones… not a lot of memorable elevators scenes. like the on call rooms, it’s like the elevators are used for everything BUT. so even though it’s my favorite episode as well, heart in an elevator.

 18. Favorite surgery: 

 season 9 finale when yang did that heart surgery in the DARK. oh goodness. it was awesome. more episodes should be like that… 

 19. a scene that makes me cry: 

 the scene from the pilot when George says “we’re going to make it out of here, okay ,right?” it seems so unassuming, really. then five seasons later he goes and dies, and so now every time i watch it i want to cry because he’s the one who says it, and he’s the first of the interns to not make it out. 

 20. a scene that makes me laugh: 

 from season 9, where jackson and his girlfriend were making out on the couch, owen and christina were upstairs, so jo and karev started howling because they didn’t want to partake in the “festivities” or more couldn’t at the time. 

 21. a scene that makes me angry:


well, after nine seasons of grey’s, i can say that there are more than enough scenes to fit this category, so i think i’ll list a few? nah. i’ll choose one. 

season 9 finale when christina walked away from owen, saying she could never be everything that he wanted. the characters on this show are SO temperamental as much as i love them.. 

 22. most epic grey’s moment: 

 when Merideth decided to give her and derek’s wedding to izzie and alex because izzie did most of the planning and it was izzie’s “dream wedding.” – not hers. 

 23. Character i miss the most: 

 i don’t really miss any of them anymore. after a few episodes, it feels like they were never there to begin with. but i usually end up missing george the most when they have the “flashback” episodes or recount things that used to happen. 

 24. Favorite season finale: 

 even though this is my least season: 4. i LOVE the ending. merideth going to derek “healed” with the candles at the house. OH  MY WORD. perfect. 

 25. Saddest death: 

 season 8 finale. Lexie. i mean. out in the woods. mark pining for her. merideth totally upset. and then according to yang she got eaten by wolves before they were found. yeah. deff. saddest death. 

 26. Best dancing scene: 

i don’t know when it’s from (i’m thinking somewhere in season two, but not sure) but merideth and christina were dancing in the bedroom, having a pillow fight, and izzie was looking on and really sad. i don’t know why, but it stuck w/ me… 

27. Character i would want to have as my doctor: 

 um, any of them….  

28. most underrated character: 

 George! he always seemed to be the one who got screwed over in the end, and then died. 

 29. Most overrated Character: 

 hmmm. Burke back in the day, when his ego was taking up EVERYTHING. but now… everyone is pretty much settled in. equal time. too many characters for my liking… but still. not bad. ❤ 

 30. Favorite all time thing about grey’s: 

 THERE ARE SO MANY FREAKING THINGS. i mean… the characters. the ones who are still originals. the growth. and sometimes regression. 

the quotes/narratives. i mean, it’s fantastic! 

the way every one interacts w/ each other. the relationships that are essentially forced then… craved. 

ok. not a big fan of how everyone sleeps around w/ each other, but watching how people have to interact afterwards when things go south to get back to normal? the results are hilarious. 

there is NO ONE THING that i could point out for my all time favorite because so much goes into making the show a success. and anyone who says otherwise is crazy. 



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