I like strange things

One of my favorite things to follow on twitter has got to be this thing titled English Major Problems. It’s nice to get online and see that people, complete strangers though they may be, share my pain to a certain degree. But some time last week i got on and saw that someone tweeted something along the lines of “I hate it when my friends ask me to edit my papers.” i responded by saying “story of my life” Because that’s basically what i do. It’s not like I mind or anything. I normally don’t. It’s just something that i do that I’m halfway good at and get a major kick out of. The conversation continued and I ended my one of my tweets with “I’m Weird. Even for an English Major.” The person responded by saying that by being English majors, we are all basically weird. That person is right. 

But it got me thinking of the word Weird. And my gosh I am, English Major or not. 

i mean… i LOVE weird things!! 

What kind of person likes 80’s tv shows? and watches them? repeatedly? This girl. This girl from the 90’s no less. My dad got me started in on Macgyver when I was in junior high. I remember being overly giddy when I discovered that I owned the first episode i ever watched. I’ve only found other shows from there. My weird love for them has grown, too. It’s so nice to be able to watch TV shows and not overly dissect them because of gender roles or whatever. 

I’m not a huge fan of TV comedies. Now, I’ll sit down and have a M*A*S*H* marathon, no problem. I’ll blame my dad for this one too.   but if you want me to watch the big bang theory? I may or may not be able to handle that depending on my mood. 

Reality TV is a whole other thing. I don’t particularly think that it should be entertainment. But sometimes i watch it anyways. There are some season’s of Hell’s Kitchen or Survivor that i get REALLY into. and I’ll yell at the TV when things don’t go like they should. and there are some seasons that i just can’t watch because the people drive me nuts. Sometimes I even wonder if the shows started as social experiments then took off. Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised. 

Then there’s the whole English major thing. and books that i can’t get enough of thing. So yeah, I’m weird. I like strange things. It makes me somewhat well rounded. Unfortunately, the sad thing about liking weird things is that no one gets on the bandwagon with me. and can join in. and I’m ok with that. most of the time at least =) 


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