I’m not a huge debater. It’s not something that I’m entirely great at. I hate getting backlash from the people who don’t agree with me. I always feel like I haven’t fully informed myself to make an opinion. But mostly I’m just afraid that I’ll become something that I can’t live with by changing my opinion because it will go against what i believe. So i try, and try as HARD as i can to stay out of anything. 

and I promised myself that I would stay out of the whole Phil Robertson thing. Yet, here I am. and while i may or may not be informed, here is what i know from watching my Facebook explode the past few days from both sides. 

I see people saying “boycott A&E. they need to apologize.” and on and on. He has an opinion. He stated it, maybe a bit bluntly. But it’s out there. and people are taking it to the extreme. 

I see people saying that Phil was “in the wrong” and got what he deserved. 

I see dissension coming to me and my friends. Some of us already disagree on the whole “gay rights” front. We’ve gotten over it. We’re still friends. We still have conversations about it. But the real crack is coming between my friends and I who actually share the same beliefs. I’m on the side of “I may not be a big fan of your lifestyle, but I’m betting you are still a great person. coffee? we can talk about why” One of my friends is taking the route of “it’s a sin. i can’t be near you.” and this saddens me more than my friend will ever know because by being judgmental, he isn’t showing God’s love, grace, or mercy .

I saw a blog post earlier this week (or last week now because it’s well after midnight on a Sunday) where the person wrote that we all sin, so therefore we shouldn’t judge. We should show God’s love instead. We should be able to go out for some starbucks and be like “Here’s where i stand. Here’s why I disagree with you. Response?” and when I posted that blog to my Facebook wall, I wrote “this expresses how i feel more eloquently than I ever could for myself” Because that’s how i feel. It’s really hard to say to someone gay “Yeah, i think you’re a great person and all, i just can’t stand for it because I don’t believe in it” But in that blog the person wrote that it’s only one faucet and finally i’m like “HECK YES!” someone actually expressed what i couldn’t. 

one faucet. one piece. and it’s not the defining piece. it’s just what helps make a person a person. and no one seems to be understanding it or taking it well. at. all. 

and good grief I’m sick of all of this. Someone said something, stuck up for what he believes. I don’t think he meant any harm by expressing his opinion. and it has a become a huge freakin launching pad for everyone to come out of the woodwork to show their crazies. So I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of the “boycott this…” 

I’m sick of no one from either side backing down. 

I’m sick of my Facebook blowing up daily. 

I’m sick of fighting with my friends when we should be pulling together. 

But mostly I’m sick of people blaming a man for something he said. 


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