Kid in a Candy Store

I was on vacation this past week. and while i was in Sarasota with my family, the people we were staying with were more than happy to “chauffeur” us if needed. and while we were driving downtown, i saw something that made my eyes just grow large and round. it was a huge building with the words “used books.” and i was bound and determined that NO MATTER WHAT, i was going to go to that bookstore. i didn’t care if i had to beg and plead (which i did. kind of shamelessly for an adult). i even promised that i wouldn’t complain about shopping for anything else, because i seriously hate shopping. just let me go to the bookstore. 

i walked into that bookstore, and my eyes just grew large and round. i was in bookstore heaven, used or not. there were books. TONS OF THEM. organized into sections: mysteries, romance, classics, geography, plays. heck, there was even a section for things medieval, and more. from there, everything was slightly more disheveled. but my word, it was exactly what i had imagined a used book store would be like. we came up with the plan to leave me there and I’d text when I was done, because there was no way i was leaving that store anytime soon. 

i thought this place was huge. it even had nooks and crannies. but i found EVERYTHING. i saw pride and prejudice. thankfully i already have a copy. i saw… almost all of the Alex Cross novels by James Patterson. i can only wish that i had enough money for all of them. i saw the twilight novels. apparently someone had the good taste to get rid of them. but seriously. i could have easily lived in that bookstore. 

My sister came back for me an hour and a half later, and i still wasn’t finished (imagine that)! i was agonizing over the decision as to whether or not to buy a few Dickens novels or not. i decided to leave without them. i instead bought Moby Dick and Ulysses. I don’t know why, there were tons of better choices, and the man who runs the shop made some interesting comments on what i was buying. yeah, I’m a girl who has a freakishly weird “to read” list. But i think that surprised the guy, just a little. Now, if i ever have the chance to go back to the bookstore, it’s gonna be a HECK YES because it’s one of the best i’ve ever been it, used or not. 

and after i paid for my books, my sister practically had to drag me out of the store so we could get lunch. even though i had already bought some books, i wasn’t ready to leave. i wanted to stay. so badly. and i swear that i had only been there for like 20 minutes. apparently not. 

but this little trip got me thinking. while it makes for a hilarious story, it also shows a part of me that happens often. it doesn’t matter it’s going into barnes and noble, a used bookstore, or even the crappy book section in goodwill. get me near one and I’m glued there for hours. i go the mall with my friends. i drag them into B&N and just wander around while i search for books, even though i have practically no money to spend. i just want to be near the books. 

hence the title of this post, i guess. except for books are my candy. and i CANNOT get enough of them. even better, they are actually good for me. better than candy. way better. 


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