Sometimes… sometimes i wonder if people can tell what i’m like based on what I post online. and better, do they (for the most part), like what they see? 

if you scroll through my FB, you’ll probably tell that i love books. i quote them often. to the point that my friends that love books think i’m awesome, and some people have been like “charity, you have a problem…” then again, i often quote tv shows and movies too. i post pictures, I like sharing longer quotes that i didn’t feel like typing out. or beautiful scenery that i think  people will enjoy. i share things that make me smile or laugh. or better: stuff about books. the benefits or reading. and whatever. sometimes my music taste makes an appearance as a post from youtube. most of my blog posts make their way there, as well. on occasion, i even manage to vent about my life. but mostly i try not to because posting about my personal life all the time would get REALLY boring, and people who don’t know how to keep EVERYTHING about themselves off of facebook just really really annoy me. and i don’t want to be one of those overly dramafied people that nobody can stand (that’s what twitter and tumblr are for). if facebook wants to know “how i’m doing “or whatever– the answer can come in the form of just about anything but my personal life. & if you scroll long enough, you’ll find that i am a christian and love Jesus, even though don’t normally feel the need to shout that out into the world, even though i probably should. 

so… by looking at my facebook right now, you’ll know that i love sunsets, that i can’t wait for Veronica Mars movie, or the divergent movie. that i don’t want the new semester of school to start (too late). that my goodreads account is active. that a walk to remember is my favorite movie (and it so FREAKIN quotable). if you’ve never watched it…  i feel sorry for you. that i’m a fan of the O.C. and one tree hill.  and that i REALLY love books. even my friends know that, and post to my wall about books. and lots of it. but mostly that me and my sister post A LOT to each other’s walls. timelines. or whatever they’re called. 

if you catch my FB at the right time, you can tell that i have a grey’s anatomy obsession. me and one of my friends normally have “grey’s thursday” where we find something on pinterest and post in on the other’s wall. if one of us misses it, whoever watches first usually ends up somewhat vaguely ranting about what went on, so we’ll know what to expect and if we’ll need to know about possibly wanting to throw things (it happens more often than you think. for me, that is). 

i can usually tell what posts will bring which friends to look at my timeline. sometimes i’m wrong, but more often than not i’m right. 

By FB standards, it seems like i have the life. i may not get 45 likes on every post (nor do i really want them most of the time), but i have those who know me and understand me and seem to somewhat understand what’s important to me by liking my posts and sharing things to my page. it makes me smile. brightens my day. and that’ one of the few things i ask for. 

but it also brings thoughts to my head: should i have this on my page? will my pastor see this? am i proud that this is there, telling the world what i’m a fan of? 

for as much crap as i post, which is honestly most of it, i don’t normally bother to post a lot because 1. the people who think that EVERY LITTLE THING need to be on the facebook’s also really annoy me. and 2. knowing that i’ll be called on posting certain things most deff keeps me from posting A LOT of things. thank goodness

but still… 

by looking at my facebook you’ll know it’s mine. you’ll know what i think is important. you’ll get a glimpse of who i am. of who i want to be. 

but it still begs the question: by looking at my facebook and getting that glimpse, do you like what you see?