Setting Goals

I think that setting goals is one of the MOST important things a person can do with his or her life. Setting goals demands that we put some sort of pressure on ourselves to somehow make ourselves better, if possible. it we make the goals for ourselves, when we reach them, we know that we have reached a goal that we set for ourselves. if we set the goals for someone else, it means that we are trying to impress, which can either be good or bad. 

& people make “resolutions” for every new year. But those are meant to be broken, i think. they’re totally bogus, meant to make people feel better. meant to make people think that they can change (which they can if they want). but with resolutions… not so much. but that’s just my opinions. 

so i don’t make them. 

i instead set goals for myself. 

Every semester I aim for a 3.0 or higher. If i do this or better, i know I’m at least trying, maybe not as hard as i can, to be the best student i can be.It’s also my way of hopefully letting my professors know that i care about classes more than showing up.  if i drop below, i i know that I’m slipping, & that i can do better It’s my way of putting pressure on myself. 

Every summer, I make a list of books that i want to read. i mean… my “to read” list on goodreads is over 400 books long and growing. so i make a freakishly long list of the books that i know i’ll never finish. it gives me some sort of organization, gives me something to do besides watch netflix all day. it also lets me know which books i need to hunt down, no matter what form. if i have to splurge at Barnes and Noble, i will (and have). and YES if i find something at goodwill on half off day (it happens more often than you think) and this happens over Christmas break as well. 

I challenge myself to write so much. For me, there is something about creating characters, creating stories all my own. Even though i highly doubt i will ever share them with the world, there is something about creating something that belongs to ME that no one can take away. there is something about putting a little bit of myself, my imprint on everything i write, that makes it highly personal. and almost NOTHING beats finishing writing something at 2 A.M. and wanting to go run through the house shouting “I DID IT! i FINISHED!” except for making good grades. and finishing that book that i never thought I’d finish. 

i challenge myself to beat my mom at scrabble at least once a year. I try every game, but somehow, she’ll almost always be smarter than me. But when i actually beat her, the score immediately goes on my bedroom wall, and i take a picture that will probably make it’s way to Facebook. My way of gloating, and my mom’s way of hopefully  saying she’s proud of me because lets face it, she’s been playing scrabble far longer than i have. she’ll almost always be better. 

There’s something about setting goals, and then making them, if not surpassing them. By finishing, you get to pat yourself on the back, run around, be proud. by making resolutions, you only get a form of heartbreak by not completing that likely insurmountable  obstacle that was probably ridiculous. Besides, resolutions are meant for a year. a year is a LONG time, ask anyone. things chance. Goals are set for seasons in your life, and they can change as you do. 

While resolutions may be what i think of as stupid, it’s good that you want to change. But change doesn’t have to happen all at once. it doesn’t have to be instantaneous. in fact, that’s highly improbable because it happens gradually. so set goals instead. make progress slowly. take the time to do it right. But while you’re at it, aim for the moon and see where you land, because as it’s said, if you miss, you’ll at least be among the stars. 



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