Love is a Choice

I’ve been thinking about the title of this blog. It’s taken me awhile to get my mind started on the idea, but watching what is about to become one too many romantic comedies this holiday has sealed the deal. 

it started when i went to a wedding a few weeks ago. I watched as the bride and groom pledge to love each other for ever, for better and for worse. but the pastor mentioned that they were going to have to choose to love each other. and he  also mentioned that they always have to do this because they weren’t always going to want to. I hope that makes sense. if not, just try to muddle your way through until it does. 

so… i started thinking. 

Now, I’m a Nicholas Sparks fan, even though his books are hit or miss with me (either i REALLY like them, or screw it, this is just plain stupid). But him, and almost every writer/ tv show, or whatever makes us believe that there is only ONE PERSON that we are meant to be with. forever. and i’m calling B.S. because seriously… no way. there are TOO MANY EXAMPLES to look at to say that there is only one person that we can love for the rest of our lives. 

Look at April on grey’s anatomy. Right now she has a choice on who to love – Jackson or Matthew. Yes, i have my bias for whom i prefer, but it will ultimately be her choice (courtesy of the writers). she has a freaking CHOICE! neither one will be PERFECT for her (just don’t let my friends hear me say that). because yeah, i buy into the there’s only one person crap for everyone too sometimes. 

just watch any plain old movie. the people choose to love each other. 

I think my favorite though has to be you’ve got mail. stupid romance, i know. but it’s what i could think of. Tom Hank’s character makes the girl fall in love with him. he chooses. she chooses (although she doesn’t know she’s choosing him). 

giving our hearts away is a little bit of a process. It involves us being willing to give away a piece of ourselves, and trusting the other person to not damage it too badly. and it involves the other person handling that piece with car (hopefully). 

there’s a  huge gigantic difference with being with only ONE person for the rest of our lives and there only being ONE person, meant especially for me. and i guess that’s all i’m trying to say. and hopefully i conveyed that, even with weird, crappy, examples. 


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