I want that Character

Ok. Lets face it. we all have those characters, whether they be from books, tv, or movies, that we just have to fall in love with because well… there are things that make them incredibly appealing (or sexy, if you prefer the use of that word). As much as I love to stare at guys on TV because they look good, there are few characters that actually make go gaga “I have to date you” (normally i just kind of want the actual actor). I like characters in books better because i can imagine them how i want to imagine them, and unless the movie comes out, that image isn’t ruined. and even then, book characters that are incredibly appealing/sexy are just REALLY hard to come by. for me, most guys kind of follow a pattern and there aren’t many that break the stereotypes. 

but for the ones that do? or at least the ones I like? Well… let me tell you about them

1. Augustus — The Fault in our Stars. 

  • I’ve Said it before. I’ll say it again. I want my own Augustus. or at least that personality type. I mean… from the moment he meets hazel he knows that he wants to be with her, but he’s not totally overbearingly obnoxious about it. He takes what he can get, all the while doing things that make her fall for him. i just find it all very romantic. and sweet. and someday i hope to find a guy who’s willing to take me scars and weird mentality and all, and kind of do it like that. 

2. Mr. Darcy — Pride and Predudice

  • fine. I’m admitting it. I’m the typical girl who totally fell head over heels for this character. Even though Elizabeth totally trashed his first proposal, after everything got sorted out between them, his second proposal came off much better. he was less of a jerk off. i mean what kind of guy says “here’s how i feel, and if you don’t feel the same way i’ll never speak of it again” (sorry for not doing that justice) and knows that if she replies in the negative his heart will be broken forever. Plus, he’s kinda rich which is an unnecessary/extra bonus.     

and yeah… that’s about the only two i can think of off the top of my head. granted, there aren’t many. as big of a fan as i am of books, characters like these two are hard to come by. 

TV characters are even harder. but sometimes… every once in awhile… one comes along. 

Remington Steele — Remington Steele

  • who doesn’t want a tall, suave man with a hidden past and and an accent? as much as the hidden past part would drive me bonkers at some point, he is indeed a very fascinating character. and pierce brosnan in the 80’s? yes, please. 

and yeah… not much else on the TV front. Like i typed earlier, mostly you want the actor, not the actual character

yeah, we all have those characters that we want as a significant other. Even though these characters are totally fake, and i know i’ll never actually have them, i like to think that I’m using them to help me figure out what i want  in a guy when i find one. of course, that’s just B.S 

so, if you ever do find that oh so delicious character, savor them. be glad you got the chance to meet them, no matter what form, then appreciate the actual people you have in your life that are REAL. 


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