Heroines for Adults

Yeah, sure. There are heroines for adults. Plenty of examples. 

i see the chicks on rizzoli and isles. 

Ziva when she was NCIS 

Kenzi on NCIS: LA

Any of the females on Grey’s. Maybe not the typical breaking of traditional female roles. but they do do it a lot of the time…


but those are examples of showing that women can be women and still kick butt, and plenty of it. Maybe a bit overdone of the proving that whatever men can do females can do better front AKA feminism. but whatever for right now. that’s not my point.

what I’m talking about here is that there aren’t many heroines like Tris or Katniss who have to make a decision and change the world. and deal with the consequences for someone in their early twenties. Sure… the whole 16 year old who saves the world is nice. fine. more than. I’m glad to know that young adults have character that they can look to to know that they can rise above and be whatever. change the world. 

Sure, the whole heroine for young adults thing WORKS because the teenager life is the time in one’s life when decisions have to be made. people don’t know who they are. they’re finding themselves. and while the heroines are doing that, they manage to make decisions that change their worlds. and amazing. 

but it has gotten me thinking, why does it have to be done by the 16 year olds only? why… WHY can’t someone write a heroine like that for someone in their 20’s who has just much upheaval going on in their lives? 

just a thought… 


2 thoughts on “Heroines for Adults

  1. Nice post, Charity! I love the heroines that you have mentioned – Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles and also Kate Beckett (from ‘Castle’), Megan Hunt (from ‘Body of Proof’) and many of the heroines in Grey’s (my particular favourites are Miranda Bailey, Izzie Stevens and Arizona Robbins). Maybe one of the writers will write a book with a 20-something heroine who has to make big decisions and save the world.

  2. for me, it’s just very aggravating that every once in awhile, people who are my age (early 20’s) have so much upheaval going on, and no one to point the way. I know i make decisions every day that can make things happen. But what about someone who graduates college, and at his/her new job, is asked to do something that goes against their beliefs. i mean… it doesn’t have to be a tris/katniss dystopian future or anything. just decisions that cause chaos. – not just someone who can kick some butt to prove herself.

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