Books are better

read the title? i will stand by it. emphatically. at least most of the time. and let me see if i can actually manage to express myself. 

i don’t like when books are turned into movies because EVERYTHING gets ruined. so it seems. i mean… characters that you absolutely fall in love with and have possibly romanticized come to life. sometimes, they character comes off the way you want. and other times… other times that character gets absolutely destroyed. not the right actor/actress. bad acting. or whatever makes the character not come off the way you imagined.

and that’s ok. characters are made for us to fall in love. and it SUCKS when they don’t come off right.

then there’s the stuff they leave out. i understand that that can’t make like 9 hour movies (but i wish). i understand that they have to change things. i understand that things won’t be exactly right. so even if the final version isn’t nearly what i had imagined it would become…. i can somewhat enjoy it. 

so normally i prefer my books. i can imagine them how i want to imagine them. besides, books are actually better for you. they force your mind to work harder. 

the exception? (yes, i happen to have one) : A Walk to Remember

yes. that’s right. i saw the movie so many times before i read the book. i had the plot memorized. and the movie deviates so much that by the time i got to it… just wasn’t worth it. the characters were completely different. the setting and time period were off. there were several plot changes that i just didn’t care for. 

they say that there’s an exception to every rule. this is mine for the idea that “books are better” because well… every once in awhile they can still manage to surprise you. 


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