*Spoilers abound, so read carefully*

Lately i’ve had a new netflix… obsession i guess you could say. and as the tile of this post indicates, it is indeed the tv show Eureka. and oh. my. word. i haven’t fallen that hard for a tv show in a while. it’s not going on my favorite tv show list or anything just yet – but it is deff. being added to my wheelhouse of “tv shows that i’ll never get bored of watching.”

let me see if i can count the ways, so to write.

i absolutely loved colin ferguson as the sheriff. he was always so sarcastic about everything, and it came off so well. mostly because at the beginning of the series he didn’t want to be there… but it was almost as if as the series went on it became more habit. he would like “SERIOUSLY??!!” as living in the town for so long had made him believe that things weren’t possible. but they were, and MORE!

Character progression is huge. Carter calms down. some. his sarcasm is obviously still present. Jo, much like Casey from Chuck, toned wayyy down on beating people up and showing her softer side. and fargo having to grow into the shoes of Global after the  time/space rift was sweet. it was what gave him his confidence in the end. and Zane going from prankster to really kick butt scientist who still didn’t mind breaking the rules was GREAT!! in both timelines.

and i just have to talk about the relationships here… because the relationships were GREAT.

Zane and Jo: i mean. while this show won’t be capping my favorites list anytime soon, but their relationship certainly will be. i mean… it was just always so twisted. but yet they fit. and if i didn’t love their relationship enough, how they had to find their way back to each other after the time travel to 1947 was so FREAKIN romantic. he didn’t know what was going and and she was heartbroken. then there’s the series finale. she proposed to him like he proposed to her before the time rift. i was ready to cry.

Allison and Carter: I’d be lying if i said i didn’t love their relationship. but i do. however, the length of time it takes for them to get together seriously drove me crazy. it was like “JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY” .. but once they do it’s like the best. ending. ever. AHHHH!!! yeah, made me giddy.

Fargo and Holly: i don’t know… their relationship was just kind of sweet, actually. and teenagerish. it was almost like they had skipped the teenage years because they were so smart and they had to find their way into it. awkwardly. oh, it was great. and it made me laugh so hard most of the time.

i’m not going to really mention the relationship between henry and grace because, honestly, i didn’t care for it. not how it happened. or anything. so i’m going to shut up about it.

gosh… did i like anything else?

OH. YEAH!!! the show got so much better AFTER stark left the show because him and his ego weren’t running around anymore. and the secret of  5 is finally ended.  if you can suffer through the first two seasons and change, it’s well worth the wait. or it was for me, at least.

and beverly plays one of the best female villains that tv has ever produced. you really don’t see it at first because she comes out of nowhere. but you learn to hate her. even after she saves Jack, you almost still have to.

and senator wen… phew. she ends up being worse than beverly.

so when i say that these two make a villain team that don’t rival many – i mean it. and the fact that they are both females? master manipulators? dang it’s creepy. and it changed the show in so many ways when you realize what’s going on.

and the final scene of carter and zoe passing each other from when they first came to Eureka? was freaky.  cool, but freaky. when they first came in, they accidently got a small glimpse of where they’d be in the next first years. and when they left, they got a glimpse of where they came from. and so bittersweet.

so… in short. i really really really love this TV show. and i’m just trying to say… that you should watch it. yes, deff watch.

and as much as i really hate when shows end… this one was didn’t make me want to bawl my eyes out. go back and restart? yes. but not cry. which is probably a good thing for as much as i hate when tv shows end.

and i won’t be too terribly upset if they ever make a movie. long shot, but one can always hope…


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