Book Quotes II

the front outside of my planner
the front outside of my planner
the front inside of my planner
the front inside of my planner

this is what i did to my planner for this year. while i could only find the front cover and inside pictures, i wanted to share my enthusiasm for my AWESOME decorating skills with everyone. and when i say awesome, i mean it slightly sarcastically. i think it’s awesome. people may or may not agree with me. and that’s ok because i get to stare at my artwork every. single. day. 

to explain these pictures, i took quotes from some of my favorite books and authors and other things and with the help of fine tipped sharpies, did some decorating. i did this from the help of my favorite (or on one case, not so favorite book with a beautiful quote), friends, pinterest, and goodreads. a few of my favorite things…

while i’m not going to explain every quote on there, each of them for inexplicable reason in one way or another means something to me.

i’m starting to become of the belief that everyone should read a lot of books. oh, wait. i was already under that impression.  but i’m also assuming that while reading, things should stick out to us. a moment. a quote. a character. that defining moment when everything changes. that moment when a book becomes so real and characters so real that you can’t imagine living without them ever again.

everyone should experience this. and not everyone does. but these are a few of mine.  even though some of them aren’t the whole revealing book coming alive kind.


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