so… i have a confession to make. ok. not really a confession. but i really really really love the show One Tree Hill. i do. there is so much drama. the complexity of the characters and their relationships to one another is so totally fascinating. and i just really appreciate it.

basically: favorite episodes. season recaps according to me, and just a few things that i love about this show in general will comprise this blog. i hope.


“Every night is Another Story” — It’s the episode where Lucas and Nathan really begin to bond. of course, that’s all shot back off track for like… the rest of the season. it takes the rest of the series for them bond and gel. but here. here is where they get their start on trusting each other. I like it and it’s kind of cool. Plus, they really have to use their differences to get out of there. Oh, and haley and Peyton begin to bond too – which is also shut off until haley and nathan begin dating. It’s also where you see part of Brook’s problems that last well through high school. if the characters weren’t complex enough already, this deff. adds to it.

“The First Cut is the deepest” — Ok. i really just love the title. it’s the episode that introduced me to Sheryl Crow and her amazing music. and i will be forever grateful for that. and besides… what Nathan does for Haley is kind of adorable. He’s a jerk about it. but adorable nonetheless.

“Spirit in the Night” — This is the episode where Brook’s and Peyton’s relationship starts to mend from the whole Lucas thing. of course, it doesn’t hold up very long – but just long enough for things to work out ok. You get a glimpse of a whole different Mouth and it makes him pretty cool. and he manages to stay that way for the rest of the series. kind of. oh, and should i mention that this is where you start to see (if you hadn’t already) that Peyton and Jake would be such a great couple together.

Lets face it… i seriously hate season 2. the Nathan/Haley drama drove me insane. still does. i hate rewatching it. Oh! and Peyton’s drug use. sorry, but watching characters do that to themselves it like “thanks. but no thanks.” not the any of the characters are better. lets not forget that Keith and Karen were “broken up” so to speak. as if they were ever together. but stiiiillll. watching it is painful.

season 3 isn’t much better. plus — school shooting. watching Dan shoot his own freaking brother for something that Keith didn’t even do. while his true colors FINALLY show in full force… it’s still very. very. painful. plus Peyton meeting Ellie and Ellie’s death. however – best line of the whole. show. ever “all because the music ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?’ – for me it’s more like play the song on repeat until I’m sick of it. then i’m good. but the principle still applies.

season 4 isn’t that great either. I have a general distaste for this season as well — or at least the first half. watching Nathan deal with the sports dudes or whatever (ugh. can’t remember the proper names). the last half of the season went off much better. the birth of both Lily and James made me happy. fantastic way to end the series.

but that’s not where it ended, which creates a love/hate relationship for the last five seasons…

Season 5… it was frustrating watching Lucas choosing Lindsay over Peyton and knowing that it just wasn’t right. the Library episode will forever be so funny and yet so rude because of how they treated each other. and Nathan. there aren’t many tv characters i have wanted to go in and harm (no matter how much i’d grown to love him in previous seasons). i really can’t say how many times i yelled at the tv on any given Tuesday (I think). It was pretty much a ritual for the season. easy to say that i really disliked this season. the finale more than made up for it.

season 6… a season of great joy and even greater pain. Quentin’s death. Brook being attacked. Lucas and Peyton and everything that goes on with them (baby, wedding, near death – multiple times). but this season does contain one of my favorite episodes — “Messin with the Kid.” while this episode contains so much pain – the fact that Lucas and Peyton lock themselves in the house to reconcile their differences while moving in together totally make up for everything. in the end… it’s my second favorite season right behind season 1.

then there’s seasons 7-9. they all just kind of run together. Haley’s sister and Nathan’s sport agent turned business partner could never take the place of Lucas and Peyton. I mean… they tried. they really really did. but i just never appreciated them the way i could have because i didn’t like them. then the finale. i totally caught it on accident and when i realized what was happening i was glued to the tv, much to the chagrin of my family. and i cried. and Hayley repeated Karen’s lines to Lucas to Jaime “there is only one tree hill, and it’s your home.” or something like that. tears streamed down my face.

From what i’ve typed on here, you must be wondering what i see in a show that i must not be advertising very well.

and You’ve got to be kidding me. While i may not be a huge fan of every season, or what goes on in every episode… it’s a tv show where the characters are complex. the relationships are extra complex. Maybe not Grey’s Anatomy complex, but deff. up there. and i just kind of really do love it in a really weird twisted way. The characters go after what they want. They aim for the stars and nothing less. They may not always get what they want, or in some cases not what they bargained for – but that doesn’t stop them.

the show stays true to it’s theme for the first four and 8th seasons “I don’t wanna be” by Gavin Degraw. While i may not always appreciate what that means for the characters and how they choose to spend their lives, it doesn’t diminish my love for them. it saddens my heart a bit (and sometimes a lot). these characters were made for people to fall in love with and sometimes hate. I don’t know characters that aren’t.

so… i really really really love this tv show. and I highly recommend it no matter how bad i make it sound because in truth it really is that awesome.


3 thoughts on “OTH

  1. Loved your post, Charity! ‘First Cut is the Deepest’ is a very beautiful title. I loved that Sheryl Crow episode too. Peyton and Jake – they were so good together. It was sometimes hard for me to decide whom to back, because I liked both Peyton-Lucas and Peyton-Jake. That school shooting was heartbreaking and totally unexpected. That line of Ellie’s that you have quoted is probably my favourite from the whole series. I like it so much. I was surprised by the introduction of Lindsay and the moving away of Peyton in season 5. I actually sided with Peyton during that conversation she has with Lucas. It was sad. I am glad that they got back together in the end. That library episode with the five of them locked in and Tim joining them later was one of my favourites. Quentin’s death was so unexpected. I remember the scene in which Quentin’s mom talks to Haley during the funeral – it was so beautiful. Seasons 7-9 do kind of feel together. I liked the relationship between Quinn and Clay too, though it was not the same as Lucas-Peyton. I loved that Gavin DeGraw song too. One of the things I loved about the series was the music. So many beautiful songs. I loved some of the songs that Mia sang and I remember an episode in which a character who is an Irish singer comes and I loved her songs too. The series finale was so beautiful. Glad to know that you were able to catch it.

    Thanks for sharing your favourite OTH moments, Charity. Liked your post very much.

    1. And i just now realized i spaced on putting Nannie Carrie under seasons 5/6. That was a great female villain. creeeeepppyyyy. especially when she kidnapped Jaime (both circumstances). and what she did to Dan. the beginning to the sixth season always scares the crap out of me out no matter how many times i watch it.

      1. Yeah, Nannie Carrie was a wonderful villain – so scary and creepy. I still remember the scene where she chases Haley and Jamie in the fields and how Haley and Jamie escape from her. It was really scary!

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