Scary not Scary

I love getting creeped out by books/tv shows. watching criminal minds is a joy. reading scary literature late at night is just kind of my thing. I’m a creature of the night, what can i say? 

and yet… yet.. scary is not that scary. 

I remember buying Dracula along with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde at Barnes and Noble. A splurge though it was, it was great to finally be finishing off the “trident” of scary lit. the third being Frankenstein (which i may be wrong about. sorry if I am). The clerk at the store looked at my purchases and told me to watch it because well, they’re scary. Later, I posted a picture of these books on FB. One of my friends told me the same thing. I joked “I’ll be fine. as long as it’s not 2 o’clock in the morning. which it probably will be.” 

Little did i know that true to form, about 3 months Later, Dracula would be finished around 2 AM about a week before college resumed. and it was scary my butt. It wasn’t scary at all. I didn’t know what people were talking about. That doesn’t mean i didn’t like it cause man i did. 

I started in on Jeckyll and Hyde, which had to be put on hold until Christmas Vacation. Yeah, reading this at the beach in Florida got me some strange looks. But the day/night we started back, i finished it. While it doesn’t necessarily have that “creepy” factor, it made me sad. and along the way, great quotes about the human nature. so thoughtful. so yes… people need to read this too. 

the creepiest of the creepy didn’t scare me. weird, right? no, what scared me was a Novel by Mary Higgins Clark. It’s a wonderful book called “On the Street Where You Live.” Even this novel wasn’t that scary. what was scary was the fact that that the characters in said book were digging up skeletons unexpectedly at 2 AM (i guess late night reading has its downsides?). something about digging up dead bodies mixed with that time seriously screwed with me. I barely slept for like… a week. I haven’t touched the book in years and it still scares me. 

go figure. 

But the creepiest of them all would have to be “Loves Music, Loves to Dance” – the movie, not the book. I saw the movie first when i was like, 10. By the time i got to the book 3 years later, i hardly blinked. and the movie still scares the crap out me, much as I love it now. 

But thinking about this has got me thinking… it’s funny what scares us. it’s funny what scares me. but other things are just kinda like “meh,” as if I could care less and it does’t have an effect. but it does. it does. sometimes without even realizing it. 


2 thoughts on “Scary not Scary

  1. I love all things scary. I do have a theory though that (like you said) things are scary to different people. The Exorcist is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen but I know people who think it’s stupid. And most things that other people find scary aren’t a huge deal for me.

    1. Exactly. I used to be freaked out by Star Wars and The Princess Bride. (the one where those big white machines rise out of the sand was so scary, and the fire swamp). and it took me years to watch LOTR. But I grew into these things. Now I don’t watch horror movies out of choice, but I don’t mind being scared on occasion.

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