I’ve been thinking lately… I don’t get where people thinking vampires are sexy is a good thing. I just don’t. Dracula was meant to be on the scariest creatures ever created, and yet over time Vampires have become something to be celebrated. worshiped, even. 

I’m sorry, but to me, vampires are not meant to be sparkly. I find no appeal whatsoever in the character of Edward, or the salvatore brothers. Vampires are meant to be the scare you in the middle of the night, drain your blood, not fall in love with you, not have feelings, scary. 

I don’t get why someone would think that all because a vampire is technically the same age it would be ok when that vampire had been the same age for goodness how long. I don’t even remotely find that appealing. Actually, I find just more than a little creepy and maybe even a tad bit disgusting. 

I don’t know when or where vampires went from being something to be scared of to romanticized, but my goodness it’s just ugh. frustrating. 

then again… vampires have always been romanticized. Just in different ways.


3 thoughts on “Vampires

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Well worth it. Power through season 1, it gets exponentially better from there) but that show illustrates the intriguing side of vampire lore: vampires have no souls. The most captivating characters arise as they juxtapose a vampire with no compassion (Spike) and one who is cursed with his soul, and therefore the crushing weight of all the destruction he has wrought (Angel). Parallel that with humans who have the capacity to choose inhumanity or grace. I love that.
    I am with you. Vampires aren’t too be loved. As an archetype they are particularly evil because they can pass as human, and gleefully destroy as much as they want without remorse. So different from the other human/monster archetypes (werewolf: human part separate from the animal part which does the evil. Frankenstein:who was created, therefore the evil lies at the feet of the creator. Zombie:who is mindless, without a choice, reel relying on baser instincts.) in that regard. I like a good vampire story, Twilight doesn’t count.

    1. I agree. Twilight doesn’t count. I only included it in the post because that’s what I’m aiming at… then somehow Vampire Diaries got mixed in because somehow Stefan and Damon (or more likely the actors who play them) have become the same way lately.
      And about Buffy, I’m in the middle of season 2, at the part where Angel lost his soul. It’s kind of broke my heart, so I’m taking a break. Besides, I have to be in a strange mood to watch the show.
      Thanks for leaving a longer reply than what I actually wrote! =)

      1. A) the best part of blogging is the conversation and community that comes as a result of putting your ideas out there. So, I often respond to a blog with a blog 😉
        B) that is the best part. When Angel loses his soul and becomes Angelus.mmmm. So fascinating.

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