Not Without my Laptop

I’m one of those people who used to be glued to my laptop. It traveled with me everywhere. I spent tons of time on Facebook, Pinterest, and my favorite: Netflix. and lets face it, I still do. But I’ve learned to do it in a lot more moderation. 

This past week was my spring break. and I vowed to stay off the laptop and catch up on much needed reading for myself and not for school. You know what? it worked. Over the week, I turned on my laptop… twice maybe. It was a feat, something that i didn’t think that I could do. But I did it. 

I instead curled up in my bed or on the couch with a pile of books. Oh my word… I haven’t felt that relaxed in so long. I also spend my days going to the gym to work out and not be home. A day trip to go see the Veronica Mars Movie… a whole day spend in in the company of people from church. watching old tv shows with dad. I traded in my love of my laptop for other things that i’ve found to be a heck of a lot more fun. 

I’m never going to be be rid of the laptop. I know that much. I’m an English major who writes tons of papers. But not taking it school? My book bag is lighter. I’m less tempted to not do homework and forced to focus. It’s an adjustment, I’ll say that. But it’s also one that i’m coming to appreciate. 

and now that my thoughts are out, i’m going back to “shunning” my laptop for much needed sleep. 


2 thoughts on “Not Without my Laptop

    1. Actually, I’ve been so unnaturally sleepy lately that ‘S’ has slipped of my radar ='( Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I should be able to read more!

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