Literary Characters that make me Swoon…

I know I know… I’ve already done such a post in which I talked about literary men that I would gladly take the chance to meet in real life. They are also ones that I find extraordinarily appealing, and would want to date if could have that wonderful chance to swap places with the heroines in the novels. And now, I’ve found that I have a few more that need to be tacked onto that list… and I’m gladly adding them because they kinda made me swoon (yeah, i just used that word). 

So… here goes! =) 

  • Levi — Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  I read the book and I didn’t know who the heck Cath was going to end up with. Oh, I had my preference. and my preference won out. but why? There is something about a guy who’s willing to meet up with the girl he likes at the library at midnight to walk her back to her dorm. in freezing weather without prompting i might add. I just find that utterly romantic (besides, what more romantic than a library? not much). Also, he found ways to get to know her without letting on that he liked her… I wan’t a guy like that in my life. 
  • Park — Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. He’s up here, too. I find how he slowly ingrains Eleanor into his life until they can’t be apart…. so so adorable. He takes her as she is. Why can’t more guys be like that? seriously. 
  • Cade from the Cape Refuge series by Terri Blackstock. If you’re not a fan of the Christian lit circuit, you probably won’t know this character. And that’s ok. Because I do. He’s not exactly what I’d call romantic (points for one of the cutest proposals in book history…) But my thing is… his love interest is this chick named Blair, whose faced was marred in a fire as a young child. She thinks she’s unlovable because of the scars. In a way, She’s a lot like me. My face isn’t marred, but I do think of myself as not the most easiest person to love sometimes. So she resonates strongly. But Cade likes her by getting to know her. Even before she ever has a clue that he’s into her. And just the way he pursues her until she realizes she loves him too. GAHHH!!! so. freakin. romantic. 

I have strange taste in guys, yes? Oh, I know I do. From time to time I’ll be adding new posts of guys found in books who’ll be getting tacked on. I hope you look forward to them. Hopefully I will as well. 


3 thoughts on “Literary Characters that make me Swoon…

    1. Actually, it’s a whole series of books known as the Cape Refuge series by Terri Blackstock (The first book is named after the series). She normally does mystery novels with romance tossed in, Christian style. It’s…I can’t really describe them. Her plots can get pretty twisted in the way that you don’t see things coming. People on goodreads disagree with me on that (just read the reviews. People trash her books. It’s sad). Personally, the cape refuge series is my favorite, but you really can’t wrong with any of her books!

      1. Thanks for telling me more about the Cape Refuge series, Charity. I read the description of the first book of the series in Goodreads and found it quite gripping. I loved your review in Goodreads too – ‘Two Thumbs Up’ – Nice 🙂 Will look forward to reading the book. Thanks for recommending it.

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