God’s Not Dead

I struggled with the title. I honestly did. I could put a cute title up there and then bombard whoever made their way to my blog with what I’m talking about. Or I could do what I did and people can feel alienated and actually know what I’m talking about: the movie that has just come out. Normally, I remain passive on things like my faith… especially when in the online form. However, sometimes things strike just a little to close to home, and they demand to be paid attention. &this is one of them — well worth it too, 

First off, Let me direct you to Plugged in. I personally feel that they judged the movie a bit harshly (they tend to notice a lot of things that most people wouldn’t think twice about. However, it’s still good a good place for honest movie reviews looked at by Christians). But to be fair, there are some things in the movie that can be a little off the family friendly side. On the other hand, if that stuff hadn’t been in the movie… it wouldn’t have been nearly as emotional as it was. Your choice for how you feel about that. 

I’m not going to recount the movie. I’m just going to say… it blew. my. mind. I didn’t expect anything to go down the way it seemed. The promo’s didn’t do it justice. I spent most of the movie with tears streaming down my face. With something like this, I consider it a good thing. Also, for being a Christian movie, it wasn’t stuffed in your face. The movie revolved around in it. obviously. And at the same time… not overly so. A lot like Fireproof, or Courageous. Just not from the same company. 

Then there was the ending… they totally left room for a sequel. I don’t know how they’d make it any more epic, but who knows? Here there be spoilers (sorry! I’ll try not to give away too much…)

I want to see Josh and Muslim girl who was really a Christian get together. The ending was priming for it. 

I want to see what happens to Josh’s Asian friend. 

I want to see what happens to Amy (the journalist).

I want to see the person who hit Raddison with the car get caught. Especially if it is who I think it is that did it. 

I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh’s ex girlfriend and what happened to her. 

and special appearances by the Robertson family and The Newsboys are always welcome =) 

Ok. maybe the sequel is just my wish for the movie not being tied up in a neat little bow. But if they ever do make one, I’ll be there, cheering them on. 

Therefore: FIVE BIG STARS for a movie well done. If I could give it in infinite number… I would. And perhaps will… 


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