My third post in as many days… such a rarity. But I hope you enjoy. 

I’m in the middle of season 3 of suits at this point and can’t figure out why the heck I’m still watching this show. The characters are in the middle of their second dissolved merger. It’s so incredibly stupid. I’m practically sick of it and still watching. 

So why am I still watching?

The characters are adults… or they’re at least in adult bodies. The way they act leaves a lot to be desired, especially since they act like children. They do whatever it takes to win. A little lying. A little cheating. Screw whoever you need to get what you want. Figuratively, not usually literally (although sometimes). As long as you win. 

and yet I’m still watching…

Because I love the non relationship relationships in this show. 

Donna and Harvey

Harvey and mike

Louis and Rachel 

Donna and Rachel

… watching the actual relationships in which characters get together is just frustrating. Not that I don’t love them. I just tend to yell a lot (as all good tv shows do). 

Also, it has that fast talking script that I’ve come to love from shows like the west wing and the newsroom. 

I don’t know if what I like about this show cancels out what I think is icky. It’s smut. But at the same time… it’s so fascinating. So my Jury is out for now. But I don’t know how much I can take. 


2 thoughts on “Suits

  1. Nice post, Charity. I watched part of Season one of ‘Suits’ – probably most of season one. I somehow never got into the next season. It was interesting, but I think it didn’t grip me enough. But I might be wrong – if I watch another episode now, I might get back into it. My favourite legal series are ‘Raising the Bar’ and ‘The Practice’. I thought ‘Raising the Bar’ was wonderful and gripping, but unfortunately it was cancelled after two seasons. Which is your favourite legal TV series?

    1. I’ve never watched “raising the bar”… actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. And I’ve tried watching “The Practice” but it’s hard to get into.
      Otherwise… lawyer shows aren’t normally my thing.

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