There’s no such thing as magic?

Did you just read the title and go huh? Yeah, so did I and I’m the one blogging about this. This idea was brought on when I was at another blog and the author wished that there was such a thing as magic.

So I sit there and think… of course there’s such a thing as magic. There’s a reason the Bible warns us against it and whatnot. But that’s not where I’m going, and I’m not up for a debate on magic right now. 

But it’s got me thinking about other sorts of of magic that don’t require people to use spells and chant or worship whatever. There’s magic everywhere, when you go looking. 

There’s magic to gazing into someone else’s eyes and falling in love… not that I would actually know. 

There’s  magic to watching the sun rise and set. It’s beauty that I wish could be bottled. 

There’s magic to the laughter that comes from being with friends. 

There’s magic to watching when a person gets what you are trying to teach them and the light bulb turns on. 

There’s a magic… to the simple things in life. 

While the simple things in life will probably never be able to compete with the magic we wish there was… it’s enough for me most days. and let me just say: I’m okay with that. 


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