Summer Hit List

As this less than normally torturous semester begins to come to a close , I am beginning to think of the things I want to do this summer. All I have to do is finish my Shakespeare paper (I finally get to write on my utter distaste for Iago), my client project for my multimedia class (creating a wix website to make myself look good for grad school, among other things like a resume/CV), and just attend classes per normal. It sounds fun. 

But as always with the end of the semester, I’m ready to be done. I’m sick of the work, even though I know come this fall I’ll be back at it. And I’ve started of all the books I’d like to read this summer, among other summer-like activities. 

My list: 

Game of Throne series by George R.R. Martin. I know that these books are “notoriously dense” but they just sounds so good. I want to read them and be immersed in that world. I want to know what the heck the hype is with them. 

Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. It’s hard to read his work because he just gets so freaking descriptive. for me, it’s annoying. But I really really really want to be able to say that I’ve read them. 

Ironic that I want to read two highly competitive fantasy series in the same summer. But they’re on my hit list, so read (or try to read them) I will. 

I’ll read any books on my goodreads to read list if I can find them. those 460 some books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 


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