The divergent series by Veronica Roth ranks high on my favorite books list. It really really does. Roth created a wonderful dystopian society that I probably wouldn’t even mind living in if I had to.

But… there comes a point where I’d have to choose.

I often say that I’d willingly chose candor. I have this natural ability to just be blunt with my opinion, wanted or not. It’s not one of my favorite qualities that I sometimes wish I could just turn off because it’s annoying.

People look at me strange. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be dauntless? Well, me for one.

But people who know me now that wouldn’t be the right fit for me anyways. They think that because I’m a English major nerd and whatever comes attached that I would automatically attach myself to erudite. I say no, thanks. Knowledge, I am a fan of. Reading = the more the better. But the erudite seem to prize scientific knowledge over other kinds, like my preference for the  liberal arts AKA English.

So I would willingly choose candor and have to tell the truth all the time than have knowledge.

Yes, I know. I’m weird.

So, a few Things:

  • I couldn’t be Abnegation because, much like Tris, I don’t always feel selfless enough… not that I don’t have my moments.
  • I couldn’t be Amity because I’m one of the least peaceful people I know. Conflicts and Arguments are just kinda my thing (hence the being an English major and loving a good debate now and then).
  • and I most certainly not a dauntless because I would never survive. I’m not a daredevil. I don’t want to be one. I would probably end up like Al, and that was not a pretty ending.

I hope I explained myself. But as always, I’m left to wonder because this society doesn’t exist. So, what would you choose, given preference for how each  faction acts, or based on personality?


2 thoughts on “Divergent

  1. I read this book with a bunch of incarcerated young men. We took the test in the back of the book, but predicted what we would be first. Only one of our boys was anything other than dauntless. I told them I was hard core divergent and they didn’t believe me until I proved it. Erudite, Candor, Abegnation. No leader. I was so not dauntless. I am courageous, just never reckless, and Dauntless seems to be more of the latter and less of the former.

    1. I took the test, too, Mostly erudite. No surprise, but like I said, the erudite seemed to prize the sciences over liberal arts, or was that just me?. And being naturally truthful/opinionated for certain things seems to come a lot easier than craving knowledge sometimes.
      And I agree on how the dauntless act. But I don’t think the teens at church who want to be in that faction would agree with me.

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