Undergraduate Research Conference

My lanyard from Friday, courtesy of myself = )


Did you just read the title and look like “huh?” Yeeeeaaaahhhh… that sounds about right.

I posted a picture of my lanyard from the day on Facebook. It kind of… exploded. Throughout the weekend, I had people randomly asking me if I enjoyed myself. The professors the past few days at school weren’t much better.

Did I enjoy myself? Depends on how you look at it. Did I enjoy having to wear dress clothes, put on makeup, do my hair & suffer through wearing uncomfortable shoes all day? Heck. No. And public speaking is most deff. not my forte, so speaking in front of classmates, other students, and professors with their degrees was just a little frightening. I should probably mention right now that it took me a good minute of two to get my head straightened out before I managed a complete sentence and could make a coherent argument.

But I loved the other aspects of the day. I got to hear some great research ideas, and some that were incredibly boring. I got to see some sides to people that I’ve never seen before. In other words, I enjoyed myself. It was a great learning experience. I was even perfectly fine with large crows of people that I didn’t know – probably because I was surrounded by people that I was comfortable with. That usually makes life easier.

Oh! But the very very best part? After the whole having to talk in from of people thing went down, we got to answer questions about our topics. This was a heck of a lot more comfortable. I even managed to answer questions intelligently. This was verified by my English major friends, and later by two of my professors. I still don’t know how truthful they’re being, but I’m glad they think highly of me.

So, the question remains unanswered. Did I enjoy playing dress up? Of course not. I’m still not a fan of talking in front of people. However, what I got out of the day totally outweighed what I didn’t appreciate.

For an added bonus, my topic: How the tributes in the Hunger Games were turned into a commodity for those in the capitol.  Yes, the English major nerd enjoyed this way way too much.


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