Cases of the Feels

I’ve been up to some strange things lately (besides being to indulge in all things book related). Today I created a board on Pinterest for all things John Green related. I’m sick of deciding if they fall under my “laughter”, “inspirational” or “book” boards accordingly. So I went through and I’m pretty sure I transferred everything over. It’ll make my life easier. 

But the feels. Oh, the feels. They are coming from all over the place these days. 

Last Thursday I managed to watch Grey’s Anatomy at 9 o’clock. I was home when it was on TV. I normally have the house to myself when I catch up. And I’m a fan of yelling at the characters (although these days, not so much). As the episode was getting ready to end, I yelled “WHATTT???” at something that had happened. I know that they are gearing everyone up for the finale and Christina leaving but my goodness, I was not expecting that. And I just had to yell. It’s… habit for this show. The characters are crazy sometimes. And I may have angered the parents and sister just a little. They’re not normally home for these antics and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be again. 

Then Came The Summer of Letting Go. I borrowed it from my cousin, Lindsey. She was awesome and kind enough to mail it all the way from where she lives just so I could read it, granted that I send it back. A few pages in I had to facebook her, asking if it was all right if I could write in the book. Thankfully she said yes. 

Come to find out, I probably shouldn’t be reading books that invoke cases of the feels anywhere but in my bedroom. I was sitting in my favorite comfy chair laughing hysterically. Later, we were out in public, eating ice cream, my nose in the book, with a pen. underlining like crazy. and laughing. I basically looked like a loon. 

But the book. Oh the book. I like the feels that it gives.. I like the laughter it brings me in that teenagerish way that I somehow… skipped? All those feelings that I just never went through, at least not as badly as the main character. And man. I feel for her and her relationship with her parents. Even though my parents don’t always understand my thing for the books, we can at least communicate. that just makes me want to cry. 

All this being said, I should go finish this book, because I’m almost done and man I cannot wait to write my goodreads review with five big freaking stars. 



3 thoughts on “Cases of the Feels

  1. Love, love, LOVE The Summer of Letting Go. In the interest of full disclosure, Gae is my friend (which happened after I read her first book and loved that) but I’d love this one no matter what.

    Not even the ocean can drown our souls is a great reminder, you know?

    1. I figured from watching you and her interact on Lindsey’s news feed =) Anyways. My review is up on goodreads if you’d like to take a look.

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