Split in Half

Lately I’ve been thinking about how almost all of my favorite shows are split in half. There’s where the characters started, obviously. But then there is where they end, in a completely different place. The change is good, as it means the characters have grown. But at the same time it saddens me to not be able to watch these great characters in their original form. It doesn’t mean I don’t like how they turn out, I do. I don’t really know how to explain this love/hate relationship with character growth otherwise. 

The first show is grey’s anatomy. There is clearly a separation after George dies, Izzie leaves, and the mercy west people move in, along with a few other overhauls of characters. I love both sides of this show equally. I love hearing references from the early days of the show. The Jackson/April storyline is definitely one of the cutest things, ever. I pulled for it and pulled for it, and now I can’t wait to see where it heads, but they will never compare to M.A.G.I.C (Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, Cristina). As Cristina walked out of the hospital on Thursday night, I could only wonder if this show will be turned into thirds. 

The second show is One Tree Hill (which should technically be split into thirds). There is the high school years, seasons 5&6 then finally season 7-9 where there was no leyton =(. Clear separation of where the characters were in each time frame and who was with who. I must say, I love the early days better. All of that antagonism between the characters made it hard to watch them settle down into lives of love with kids. I’ll admit that they grew up before my eyes on that show, and I’ll respect them for it… doesn’t mean I have to like it. 

The third show is the West Wing. There is clearly a shift in the show after Sam leaves (Will made a great character, but poor replacement), and after Sorkin left the show as a writer/producer/whatever, there was a shift in how everyone interacted. I didn’t particularly care for it, either. 

Lastly, and another personal favorite, is Scarecrow and Mrs KIng (yes, i brought this show up. again. get over it). There’s a change between Lee and Amanda as they go from antagonizing each other to having this… sexual tension, I guess you could say. The chemistry was always there for it, but season 3 definitely started bringing it out more as they begin to realize how much they actually meant to each other (the scene where they talked about how long they had known each other down to the minute was so freaking adorable). Then there’s season four, where everything changes for both of them (obviously!!!!!) =) 

All this being typed, do you have any TV shows that fit this bill, or do you have any comments for one of mine?


3 thoughts on “Split in Half

  1. Wonderful post, Charity! I loved your abbreviation M.A.G.I.C. 🙂 George and Izzie leaving the show was definitely a big change (and a big blow to the show, I think). And I totally agree with you on ‘One Tree Hill’. I also liked the first part of the series which is set in high school over the other two parts. But on watching some of the episodes of the later parts again, I realize that they have been done well. It is quite convincing that the teenagers in the first part have grown up into fascinating people in the next. But I couldn’t believe when I saw it the first time that Peyton and Lucas weren’t there in the last part of the series. That was unbelievable because they were central to the series. It was interesting to know that ‘Scarecrow and Mrs.King’ also changes midway through the series. I felt something similar when I watched ‘Castle’. In the first part Castle and Beckett work together and are mutually attracted to each other without acknowledging it to each other. In the second part they are a couple and initially the spark of the first part was missing. But thanks to the series creators and script writers, that spark is back now and the series has sailed through that crisis and is as interesting as ever.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and for making me think about my favourite series.

    1. 1. I actually got the M.A.G.I.C thing from pinterest.
      2. Watching them grow up on one tree hill hurt.
      3. I’ve never thought of Castle in the respect, even though I should have. I know I’ve had discussions about how as her hair gets longer, it shows her softer side, and therefore change towards Castle.

      1. Interesting to know that, Charity. I love that abbreviation M.A.G.I.C. 🙂 I loved what you said about Beckett – that as her hair gets longer, she starts showing her softer side more. I never thought about it before but now it makes perfect sense.

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