TFIOS: movie

You know what I did yesterday? I saw TFIOS movie. It’s one that I’ve been waiting to see for months. When the trailer premiered, I watched it at least 10 times. straight. and countless times since. 

**Spoilers ahead**

It was a largely anticipated movie. Did I enjoy it? Well, yeahhh. I’ve been waiting for months. And do you know how awesome it is to see your favorite characters come to life? Augustus, who is one of my favorite (and sexiest) male characters ever written didn’t come off how I thought. It didn’t matter, though. and Hazel lost some of her snarky qualities and became more lighthearted. I still didn’t care. 

After the movie, the people I went with (two out of the four had already read the book) started talking about the differences. Augustus’s first girlfriend had been cut. It totally changes the relationship between Augustus and Hazel a bit. Makes it lose some intensity. After the trip to Amsterdam, much of Augustus’s sickness was not there. They changed the “that’s the thing about pain” quote to more aptly fit the movie, to my chagrin. I had originally been happy that someone had noticed that the quote fit the book as a whole when I first saw the trailer. However, in the context of the movie as a whole, I didn’t care for it, thank you very much. It lessened how sad the movie actually was supposed to be. 

However, the biggest frustration according to one of my comrades was that the ending was changed. Technically, it wasn’t. But at the same time, having the movie end with “Okay” instead of Hazel’s original lines just didn’t make it seem as potent. 

The promotions for the movie were promising to make me cry (I was even kind of looking forward to to it). Yeah, that didn’t happen. I mean, the gas station scene had me howling in frustration and sadness when I read the book. It should have had the same affect in the movie. Instead it made me cringe in disgust. I mean, I obviously knew it was coming. I just was not expecting that. Basically, that means “A walk to Remember” remains the undisputed king of movies that make me cry. 

The scene that did gets it’s justice, thank goodness, was the eulogies. If that hadn’t come out right I would have been so mad. might have even walked out of the theater. But I still didn’t cry. (I actually wondered what was wrong with me by this point). 

Yes, I liked the movie. Yes, it was adorable. No, I didn’t cry. 

and YESSS it did it justice in the way that a two hour movie can. I can wish now (and probably forever) that it had been closer to 5 hours (or longer) so that everything could have been in there. 

These are my thoughts, so what did you think about the movie? 


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