A Hodgepodge

I’ve referenced before the literary men that I just wish were real so I could have one as my own. It’s a seemingly hodgepodge list at this point, but I’m coming to realize that these guys, while wildly different are very much the same in some aspects.

At this point: the list is Augustus (TFIOS) /Levi (Fangirl) / Tyrion (GoT) / Park (Eleanor and Park) / Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) /  Captain Wentworth (Persuasion). I should also mention as this point that Levi and Park both come from the brilliant mind of Rainbow Rowell while Darcy and Wentworth come from the even better mind of Jane Austin.

So… these characters. All very much different, coming from different places and perhaps even a not real world. But they are all very endearing. to me.

All of these characters, save Tyrion, share a few commonalities. They know that the person that they are or will be with probably shouldn’t be the best person for them. It’s why you have Hazel tell Augustus that she’s a “grenade.” Levi is Cath’s roommate’s ex-boyfriend. Park comes from the fringes of the “popular” crowd whereas Eleanor clearly does not. Darcy is a higher station than Elizabeth and shouldn’t even be thinking of her. While Wentworth had already been jilted by Anne once.

But these guys don’t care. They fall in love with their respective women anyways and unconditionally. They make those women believe that they love them. They are utterly romantic. They don’t mind saying that they were wrong. But the best is that they fight for their women so that they can have them, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally.

Yes, these guys are very different from each other in demeanor. They are different in how they go about what they do to win their respective woman over. However, they are also very much the same because they do these things.

Then There’s Tyrion. He’s fantastically smart and witty. I just kind of want someone like that who I can argue with and who will let me be me. In fact, I’ve already written a whole blog post on how wonderful he actually is.

It’s a large order, I know. I don’t need all of these personalities represented. But what I really really want to know is just the fact that yes, there are guys like this out there in the real world. And if I ever find one, I’ll gladly give these fictional ones up.


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