Jane Austen-y Things…

Apparently this week I am enjoying having my feelings gutted. Do I really enjoy this? Do I enjoy being freakishly sad and wanting to cry my eyes out by the time I finish a movie? That’s an emphatic NO. 

I’m usually a stoic person, but every once in awhile, I get in these moods and having my feelings gutted is just kind of… needed. I for some reason actually don’t mind because it means that I get to cry/ watch sad movies that I wouldn’t choose otherwise… and I can’t wait to get out of these icky mods. 

So, what’s brought this lovely mood on, you wonder? (as am I). It started with the need to watch Pride and Prejudice. The 2005 version that’s entirely stupid and I’m lucky if I can make it through the whole movie due to awkward acting . But for some odd reason I just really needed to watch the whole thing and hear Darcy’s words about how “if your affections are not what they were last April…” and “You have bewitched me heart and soul.” 

For some odd reason, even through my “sadness” it gives me hope that “why yes Charity, there are guys out there. Ones that know how to be romantic and apologize and just be gentleman.” Even though I don’t actively look for guys at this point in my life, sometimes it kind of just hits home that I’m not with anyone. 

Part two is the fact that it was recommended to me that I should watch Persuasion because as good as Darcy is, Captain Wentworth is better because there’s this letter. Whatever Pride and Prejudice did to me, Persuasion surprisingly did it better. That letter just sent me into a fit of trying not to cry. I call that a good sign that yes, I did like this movie. very much, and I can’t wait to watch it again. 

In the meantime of while I’m in this mood, I’ve started reading the novel version of Persuasion (Pride and Prejudice got knocked off of my list awhile ago, but I need to read it again). So far, Persuasion is shaping up to be wonderful and I have a feeling I am going to love it. 

All this thinking out, does this ever happen to You? Do you ever get into a strange mood where you need to wallow or do something strange for awhile to get out of it? Sound off in the comments below! 


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen-y Things…

  1. Catharsis can be so, so good. Yeah, there are times where I choose/need to wallow. Sometimes if you put off feeling a feeling it just gets bigger and bigger until it engulfs every part of your life. I was really missing someone today so I watched Persuasion and cried over Wentworth, too. It felt good.

    1. I’ve noticed that, too: how It gets worse and worse until you deal. Such a love/hate relationship because I needed it, but as the same time pulling out of this funkiness is annoying. However, after my long long talks with you and Bekki, I feel much much better. You guys are the best and thanks for that! ❤

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