Made it Out (For Now)

If you’ve been following my blog this past week or so, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve diverged a bit from my normal ramblings about books/TV shows/movies and moved more into my personal life. If you’re new to this party, welcome to my somewhat eclectic mix of what I talk about. 

So… this past week, I’ve been down and out. obviously. I’ve been overdoing on the romantic movies (especially Jane Austin related) – which never ends well. I’m reading the books now, too. But I don’t mind because they’re books and they’re well done – Not to mention – beautiful. 

I’ve been writing blog posts on “woe is me. I’m single.” Plus, I have added onto and fixed my list of favorite romantic literary men, which helped nothing. and blah, blah. blah. It gets old sometimes, these feelings. But it never ceases to hurt as they come around. 

In the process, I’ve had long (and deep) conversations with some of my favorite people. Does it lesson the pain? A little, but not much. However, it helps just to know people care. Plus, there’s advice like this “Yes, it hurts sometimes. and it will happen someday” which is normal for people to tell me. and that advice does nothing. But then… then it gets added to with “And in the meantime you get to be you and that doesn’t suck.” That particular advice broke me down to tears early in the morning at like 1 A.M and actually helped me feel better. 

A day or so later as I started to feel better from my “spiral,” I came across the funniest quote of my life. and I’m not joking. My thought process was literally “Dick as a nickname for Richard in the 1800’s?” AND then “How pissed off must have Jane Austin been to write this particular line?” I’ve never thought of Jane Austin’s work as particularly witty or funny, but this line takes the cake of anything I’ve ever read. Be warned: you have to read in the right voice, or it won’t be funny at all. 

I’m glad I’ve made it out. I don’t like my icky days/weeks. I don’t like the fact that I have to get confirmation from others on how I feel. But does this ever happen to you? 


2 thoughts on “Made it Out (For Now)

  1. Beautiful post, Charity! I loved that quote. I am looking at Jane Austen with totally new eyes now – she has a mischievous sense of humour 🙂

    1. It’s just weird, because I’ve never thought of Jane Austen as funny, either. But… this quote changed my viewpoint on everything. for the better. I hope you get to read some of her work now, or even watch one of the movies =)

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