Miss Congeniality

As you can probably tell by the title, I’ve been watching said movie a lot this week. And I’ve discovered for as much as I love the comedic genius of said movie I’ve also been analyzing it this week. I’ll blame English major brain for that one because whatever we learn to apply to books also goes for TV shows/movies and there really isn’t a flip switch that I’ve found yet. So… I’ve watched the movie and found things to either make me love it more or dislike it forever. Thankfully, what I liked easily won me over.  

  1. The scene in the bar where Grace orders a pint of ice cream. I found it absolutely hilarious that Eric walked into the bar and noticed “you started early tonight.” because clearly there is this animosity towards each other yet they notice the other’s habits. It sets a beautiful stage  for what is to come. 
  2. The next is where they fight each other because Eric is basically forcing her to go be a beauty queen and she fights and fights hard to not have to do it. They are essentially equals on that field where they shouldn’t be equals. It’s nice how it mirrors her rage for feminism and to not go backwards. Also, it shows how even though they are completely antagonistic towards each other, they know each other well enough to fight like crazy and not exactly care. 
  3. When she realizes that her name will be “Gracie Lou Freebush” – a name she had made up jokingly while complaining about the pageant. The next part is when Eric calls the operation “operation thong.” The guys think it’s freaking hilarious and us at home know that Eric did both of these things just to piss her off when he says “I knew you would like that” in his teasing manner.
  4. That moment where she swears loudly at the breakfast but turns it around. The guy agents in that little hotel room seemed amazed that she could actually function at her job. and I don’t know why, but they shouldn’t have been. Even though she had only been picked because she was the only woman available for the job, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t competent, even though she clearly was. *shakes head*
  5. the scene where she antagonizes him by singing that song in the middle of that movie. They were just starting to bond and she thinks he’s actually taking a shine to her, but in reality he hasn’t. In truth, I think he really had but couldn’t bring himself to that part yet. Besides, movie schematics mean they wouldn’t get together until the end anyways, unless it’s a hallmark movie. 
  6. Their bonding session by the pool. It was just… neat. This extremely hilarious movie had a number of serious moments peppered in and this was one of them. Their bonding went deeper and they got to know each other “away from work” with no walls up. 
  7. When she totally learns “girl talk.” She didn’t think she had it in her (and to be frank, neither did the guys) but you know what? she did it. She got some valuable information out of the girls. Plus, she got the other girls to lose some of their prissiness. 
  8. When he joins their boss to leave. You can kind of tell that he doesn’t want to leave and she’s upset that he’s leaving. Even though they haven’t given over to said feelings yet, you can tell that there is feelings. She’s hurt and she doesn’t want to. She has these emotions and doesn’t know what to do with them in the mess of things while he gets to leave. How horrible can things be? 
  9. The ending. It’s sweet. She sings that song again to him, but this time they just take it all in and kiss. Eric Realizes she’s actually a woman (shocker) whom he actually likes. And they give into those feelings. I don’t know what to make out of the fact that she had to become “beautiful” per say for him to notice her in that light, but I’ll live. **secretly, I’d like to think things still would have ended up this way even if she hadn’t done the pageant. But then there wouldn’t be a movie, so I digress**
  10. Her acceptance speech. I think the way she’s dressed says it all. Even though she has gladly gone back to frumpy suits, her hair is at least done. It shows a happy medium for where she came from, and where she has spent the past few days being flawless. I like it as it shows that she is now completely competent in both arena’s and didn’t have to end up giving up a part of herself.

This movie has a lot to say about being yourself, improving yourself, and accepting yourself. It’s not just another romantic comedy, although we can easily think it is one. It takes on that beloved field of feminism for those who care to notice it, along with other thematic elements that make movies and TV shows great. It has hugely won me over when it hadn’t before. 

Of course, these are just my thoughts on the movie. If you have seen this movie, did you like it and why? Do you agree with me or not? Am I just sounding like a crazed person who spends too much time over analyzing things? Let me know in the comments below! 


2 thoughts on “Miss Congeniality

  1. My sister worked at a theater that did the UK premier of this movie. She met Sandy Bullock and said she was ‘just lovely’. The funny part was that as she was entering the theater and walking up some stairs she tripped. Just like she did in the movie. She handled it with exceptional grace. It is a great story. She can tell it so much better than I can.

    1. OK, that is NEAT. more than, actually. But have you watched how they made the movie? Sandra Bullock admits to the fact that she’s a natural klutz and this movie played to her strengths in that way. It is such a great movie. After harboring it from netflix for a few days, I had to send it back =( I really just want my own copy.

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