What TV Taught Me

Yes, I am a lover of books. I read too much. Often, they have “saved” me as I used them as an escape from real life because goodness knows I needed it. I’ve traveled to many a place in my mind… and liked it. *shocker*

However, for as much as books have taught me, TV has taught me as well. I look at my favorite TV shows and the qualities they (for the most part) possess. I am a huge freaking fan of fast paced, overly snappy dialogue. I’ve mentioned before that the “walk and talk” on the West Wing was my favorite things. Anything else that doesn’t exactly have these qualities is “meh” and I may or may not like it depending on what the show is about. 

I remember watching the West Wing and seeing how people would get caught in the traps of not phrasing things exactly right. I watched and watched and watched, only hoping that I could be like that. Over time, I’ve been teaching myself how to do that and it drives people nuts, much the characters from the show. 

From The mentalist, Monk, and even Psych I’ve learned to pay attention to my surroundings. Am I ever going to become as great as these characters? no. most deff no. Nor do I want to be. But I find them fascinating all the same. 

Hmmmm. it’s strange. I’ll admit it. But what have you learned that you didn’t think that you would? or that you would even want to? 


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