A walk to Remember VS TFIOS

So… I found something that I’ve just been waiting to pop up. It’s one of those lovely lists from buzzfeed that chronicles the “19 reasons why A walk to Remeber and TFIOS have the same plot.”

Yes, I have been waiting for something like to pop up. And now I will gladly call some B.S. on my side.

It’s not that I can’t see the distinct similarities. I can. It’s just that… for me… they are two very separate movies and should stay that way. Let me explain why.

The Fault in our stars is known because two cancer patients fall in love with each other, among other things. Somewhat mushy thought it may be, it didn’t require that girl meets boy one of them is sick and helps the other one trite plot. It was sad, but it was also filled with humor and excitement. Its also full of metaphors and learning to love life for what it is.

A Walk to Remember, while bawl your eyes out sad, is none of these things. It’s just a mushy love story.

Jamie from A walk to Remember is quiet and shy, hoping to slip away without anyone noticing until it’s too late. That’s just not what happened. Hazel is just the opposite: loud, snarky and wanting to make her mark on the world.

Augustus is already great when we meet him, and his qualities are enhanced by Hazel. I will never be able to stop raving on how much I need my own of one of him. Landon, on the other hand, just is nowhere near that quality. I’ve never really been a fan of the bad boy turned good by a girl thing. Sure it makes for a great story, but ultimately it’s overdone.

But mainly they shouldn’t be compared because Nicholas Sparks and John Green wrote novels for two very different audiences, and the movies reflect that. Nicholas Sparks writes love stories “for the ages” that are usually pretty decent. He writes for teens/adults They are meant to be sappy. John Green writes for a younger generations, although that doesn’t mean that others can’t find inspiration in them. I know I do. He doesn’t try to do “sappy” or “romantic” – he does characters that people will somehow understand in their own loneliness. He does more inspirational than anything. He tells teens that all because they are young that they can indeed have a voice and make their mark on the world.

It doesn’t mean that both aren’t great. I like them in their own ways. I just don’t think that they should be compared. I don’t want to watch A Walk to Remember and wish that Jamie was Hazel. I don’t want or need Landon to be Augustus. All four of them are great in their own way and don’t need to be changed.

Whoever made that list at buzzfeed gave 19 reasons. 19 reasons why these movies should be compared. Unfortunately, for me, they were the wrong 19 reasons. They focused on the wrong aspects of the movie to make it work, romance aside.

but that’s just be me being me. Thoughts? concerns? Am I crazy yet? Let me know in the comments!


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