It seems strange that I’ve been watching the show that this post is named after. Really, it does. The show doesn’t carry my normal favorite characteristics. It’s not fast paced. It’s now what I would call… witty. Well, it is, but not in the ways that I’m used to.

In a way, it reminds me of the TV show Chuck. No, the plot is not that absolutely kind of “who thinks of that?” plot. The characters aren’t mostly awkward or geeky. There’s no Zachary Levi playing Chuck or Captain Awesome. But most episodes of Chuck (especially during season 3) would have me going from laughing to yelling to crying in the space of minutes. Heartland is much the same, which I love.

I spend most of my time yelling at the freaking characters on heartland. I mean, I love the show and all but holy cow… characters can be such idiots sometimes. Season two with Ty and Amy not together? It was not okay. Now… it’s settling in with season 3, but I know things are going to be shaken up and I don’t like it. I like my characters happy. But that means more laughter and crying and yelling, and I can deal with that, pretty happily.

However, the best part of the show just happens to be the laughter. It comes in many forms, but mainly the grandfather. For being and “old man” his head is screwed on straight. He’s a smart man. He knows things. He gives great advice. and the way in which he does all these things is pretty much one of the funniest things ever (AKA sarcastically). Trust me.

No, this show is most definitely not my normal fare. It’s not snappy or fast paced. It lands more on the sentimental side. However, it has it’s funny moments. The characters are decently sarcastic, and I enjoy my characters that way. Even better is that for now it isn’t filled with indecent humor like other shows.

So I will wait out the Ty/Amy relationship because I know how it ends up. I will wait for everyone to grow, even though they already have. And I will enjoy it along the way.

But this is just my opinion. Have you ever watched Heartland and what did you think?


2 thoughts on “Heartland

  1. Did you ever watch Ed? I have a feeling that show would be right up your alley. I am rewatching Pushing Daisies and Joan of Arcadia. Both have humor and quirk and drama. Such fun.

    1. I have no clue what Ed is. I don’t know where to find Pushing Daisies, preferably for free. and no to Joan of Arcadia. I tried and just… no.

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