Reality TV

I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV. Trust me, I’m not. Yet as the summer continues to press forth, I find myself watching it on a decently regular basis. Except for cable, nothing is on. So I watch and almost like it.

first off is Masterchef. Yes, it’s somewhat stupid. Yes, the coaches can be huge freaking jerkoffs on occasion when the food is not up to par. And I have no clue what they’re even talking about because i’m not a foodie. The drama is stupid and amped. Yet I watch because holy cow it never ceases to amaze me what people can or can’t do with food. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand.

The second is Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve said before that sometimes I find this show utterly amazing and sometimes it’s so stupid I can’t watch. I can get past all the yelling and swearing with things bleeped out, but the personalities can just get so old. Every year it’s the same freaking thing. I can get past Gordon Ramsey having most things that he says bleeped out because he’s a grand chef. He’s earned that right. But I can only take so much. Yet what I do watch is usually pretty grand. go figure.

Lastly, I have found American Ninja Warrior. I never knew this show existed until I started watching it because it was on. It drew me in. It’s like… “people can do that with their bodies? People can move like that, like they’re not even touching the ground?” Danggg. Never mind the repetition announcing who’s coming up or what’s already happened for an evening. After the first time I watched, I sat down and looked it up on Youtube, finding the coolest stunts and flops. Entrancing is the word I’m using because that’s what it did, particularly because I’ll never be able to get my body (or mind) to be able to do what these people can do. However, I’ll try to be a proper fan.

No, reality Tv isn’t technically TV. But I’ve found some things to enjoy anyways. for now. But who knows because it’s has to be particularly spectacular to hold my attention.

So, do you watch Reality television in any form? What do you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. I love American Ninja Warrior. (It’s also helpful because I work nights Monday-Wednesday, so it gets me through the last two hours of my shift.) The only other reality show I watch is The Amazing Race (which is awesome, incidentally).

    1. I used to like the amazing race. Then the last season of past competitors happened and just… the singing cowgirls from the south drove me crazy. I could no longer watch the rest of the season =( I’m hoping that that new season proves to be a little less drama centered but I’m not banking on it.

  2. I am vehemently anti reality tv. So it makes absolutely no sense that I love Duck Dynasty, but I do. Go figure. I want to like Amazing Race, but when people are stupid Americans in other countries I get surly, and no longer enjoy things.

    1. The thing about Duck Dynasty is that it’s “hillbillies with money.” It’s fascinating what they do with it. Unlike the girl from the pageants. Or 19 kids and counting. I Don’t even know how those shows were created. *gag me*

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