Creative Writing

Yeah yeah yeah… the title. Don’t worry, I’m not gong to “bore” you with my creative writing skills. Or shall I say the ones that I pretend that I have but don’t really? But still, I want to talk about it because it’s something that I’ve held tight to for years. It’s been near and dear to my heart. It’s something that not surprisingly helped keep me alive at one point. Yet at the same time it’s something that I don’t need anymore but still indulge in.

I mean… I have these worlds floating in my head. No, not the fantasy worlds. I could never create worlds like Harry Potter Or Game of Thrones. Neither do I want to. I’m perfectly happy with “real life” situations. Regular people who have to make choices. Sometimes it makes for some hilarious situations. Character inspiration is everywhere. Ideas for what to do with them are abundant within the realm of my imagination.

I can give them weird names and put them into any situations I want. I can make them like me. I can make people hate them, although I don’t know if I’m capable.

Not like I’m ever going to to do anything with them. Except for the stuff that has made it’s way to Facebook over the years because I needed to get it out of my system. And let my far away friends see it.

Yet the strangest thing I’ve ever done is written a character about me. I just didn’t know that character was me until I realized that I had written the character from another’s PoV. I had actually written a character from how I wished people in high school had saw me, not how I actually was. Did I want to be popular? Heck. No. But I wanted to stop being misunderstood as the overly opinionated band geed/nerd that basically no one liked. Yeah, that never happened. I hated it.

No… I don’t have plans to share my creative writing with the world. I’m happy with my little blog here (which isn’t necessarily creative writing but just getting my ideas out into the world) and tumblr and whatever has unfortunately made it’s way to Facebook. I’m happy with what I’ve done. But sharing it seems just a little bit ridiculous. Besides, a change in dreams (which is a whole different blog post to come altogether) has been taking place.

Creative writing has been and probably always has been my outlet for staying emotionally balanced. I like to too much to give it up. But that’s just me. What skills or things do you enjoy doing that you wouldn’t share with anyone? what hidden talents do you employ? Feel free to share in the comments. Or not.


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