Freedom Writers

I finally have gotten my hands on the Freedom Writers Book, which the movie was ultimately based off of. The movie inspired me to read, and I’m finding it much different . 

While the book shows the teens through all four years of high school, the movie only concentrating on the first two. It (the movie) cut almost all of the learning experiences out, showing the most impressive AKA Miep Giles coming to visit (apparently). The weird thing is that so many other impressive things happened. I understand, condensing to fit the movie into a time space of two hours but come on!!!!

In the movie you never know why most of the kids stopped coming to class. I figured it was just from dislike if not hatred for the teacher. Nope. It was actually because of race riots or something similar. 

But I think that even worse is that the movie concentrated more on Mrs. G’s experience instead of the kids. You see the kids through her eyes, not her through theirs. Even with some journal entries making appearances as quotes and so forth, it is such a different experience.  

I’m not sure why or how this happened when the movie was made. Maybe it was intentional. Maybe it wasn’t. All I know is that or me, personally, when I watch the movie I don’t feel for the kids until the shift happens and the teacher starts to feel for them as well. 

With the book, I started feeling for them as soon as I started reading. They are so open with their lives. It’s lifestyles that I’m nowhere near comfortable with. In honestly, it’s refreshing. 

That being said, I’ll probably end up liking the book, because I already do. But at the same time I’ve seen the movie so many times already and have a huge freaking soft spot for it. it’s also one of the movies that at least makes me tear up if not full on cry. 

But these are just my opinions. If you have or want to read the book, thoughts? If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below! 


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