Dystopias (In General)

If I haven’t made my feelings on dystopias clear yet, let me do it now. I have strong feelings on the fact that I believe that they make social commentary, on purpose or on accident on a particular aspect (or two). and that they should not be compared. I cannot stress how much I believe that such novels should not be compared because they are always written for different purposes. 

And yet today I almost broke that vow as I started in on my review of The Selection by Kiera Cass. So, for once, and only once (I hope) I will say why they are mildly the same: much in the same way Suzanne Collins used reality TV to help the Hunger Games along with our understandings, Cass used an interesting teenaged version of the bachelor to help her story along. 

Okay. So I wasn’t completely comparing them.  I was comparing writing techniques, not actual plot lines. Not the same thing. But I still don’t think they should be compared and I feel bad about it. Kind of. 

Dystopias are a beautiful thing. They take a look around at the world and take a stand for something. Anything. But at the same time they are alarming for what they stand for. seriously. 

Hunger Games tackled war. 

Veronica Roth totally deconstructed and rebuilt Critical Race theory. Beautifully, I might add. I have stopped counting the times I have “nerded” out on that. The English major in me enjoyed it too much. and for now, it’s my favorite of the dystopis. 

The Uglies series brought on the price we pay for beauty in society. Not a fan of how it went down and how easily the characters ultimately succumbed, but not everything is for everyone. 

And finally the series by Kiera Cass… she took on the debt we as Americans have accrued by getting bailouts from China and so forth and what could *possibly* happen when things go south. it’s not exactly realistic but still scary to think about. 

and These are only the dystopias that I’ve read and am good with. So, am I crazy yet? let me know in the comments below! 


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