The Selection — Kiera Cass

Props to books that make me stay up all night reading.  It made me an instant fan but I lost some love later on.  But I’ll get to that. 

… Imagine if Pride and Prejudice had a baby with The Bachelor. This is pretty much what I envisioned as I read this book and realized what was starting to happen. America has all of these things that she thinks about Maxon just because of what She’s seen on TV only to realize she was wrong. And Maxon has these ideologies about America because she’s a five in the caste system. Well, he was wrong, too. 

I started off liking this book. It was well thought out. Beautiful plot without being overdone. America is a smart heroine who doesn’t necessarily care for what she has to go through. She’s upfront about her feelings. Better yet, Maxon respects those feelings to a degree. 

But then Aspen, America’s “ex”-boyfriend came back in the picture which ruined EVERYTHING. I don’t know why, but even though America has feelings for Maxon she can’t decide which boy to be with, leading them both on to the point of madness. But the real thing that cut deep and lost a lot of love with me is just the fact that America would even consider going back to Aspen after the way he rudely dumped her. Wait, she didn’t even consider that… she actually went back without inhibitions *shiver*

gag. me. *shake head* *ready to go scream* 

WHAT WAS AMERICA THINKING IF SHE WAS THINKING AT ALL????????? I know that “love” makes people do crazy things sometimes but no. just no. Hence: love lost. 

All this venting being said, I need book two. like now. Because that means I can get to book three so I can see who she picks. And the whole time, unless something major happens, I’m rooting for Maxon. Aspen has already been too much of a jerk already for me to like him.

*End Review*


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