The Double Standard

*I apologize now for any generalizations made towards any English majors, friends or otherwise, and for any offenses that might come out of this. I can see it coming now.*

Double Standard: Any code or set of principles containing provisions for one group of people than another (thanks, dictionary)!

Yes, I know. This normally pertains to men/women and gender roles. But that’s not what’s on my heart today, and I can’t think of another way to put it (if you can, please let me know!!)

I’ve mentioned before, and it’ll probably come up again, about how I feel so misunderstood as an English major. Because who in their right mind would want to study such a subject?? Then, I feel even more misunderstood as I try to explain the “no, I don’t want to teach” philosophy” This includes the part where I would have to stand in front of people of a given age for hours a day, keep them semi-controlled, and actually try to put some knowledge into their noggins. It doesn’t sound like something I’d be a fan of and my patience meter would pretty much tap out instantly.

It seems to me, and my English major friends can disagree with me on this, that to a degree, we are all like this: misunderstood. judged. awkward. of no importance. People don’t tend to understand. It’s usually okay because we have each other to lean on.

Or that’s at least how it feels most of the time.

But for a moment here, I’m going to complain, because for as much as we feel judged, we judge right back. We judge those who don’t chose to study English, because well, “why not???” We judge those who don’t deem reading important – and even worse if a person doesn’t like reading.

I know I’ve done it… sometimes without realizing it. And I hate to admit it. Feels weird to say that. It does. I know how much I hate being judged for what I study yet I turn around and do it too.

That means I get to go get off my high horse. I prefer to keep blogging about what I blog about (books, tv, English major stuff and whatever becomes heavy on my heart).

Hmmm… am I crazy yet (as always)? let me know your thoughts in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Double Standard

  1. Interesting thoughts, Charity. I have always had a soft corner for people who read and these days most of my friends are readers. So, I am as biased as you and other English majors, I think 🙂 But I agree with you – sometimes we do judge people who are different than us. I think it is hard to not do that, but as long as we understand that we are doing it, and try to temper it down, I think it is okay. I loved the way you looked at both sides of the issue in your post.

    1. Thanks Vishy =) This post has been heavy on my heart for months because of a conversation I had with a friend where we pretty much trashed other majors. It never fails to amaze me that this can happen… I get judged and get angry over it. But then I do it right back and therefore have no complaining rights.

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