10 Things I hate About You

This movie. It’s one that I’ve practically seen a hundred times. And as I sit here tonight I can’t help but imagine how people don’t like this movie. 

Sure, it has its cheesy moments. late 90’s. get over it because there’s also some serious parts that combined make it one of the best movies ever created. for me, that is. Plus, it’s like entirely comedic and the ending almost always makes me cry. 

First off, Alison Janney plays the Guidance counselor. I’m so used to her portrayal of  a smart as a whip character on The West Wing that this role always throws me in the fact that she is wildly inappropriate. Let alone that she’s not even useful in what she does. 

The characters are bitterly antagonistic towards each other (Kat/Bianca, Kat/Joey, etc) yet interact in such ways that show that they understand each other. With Kat and Bianca it’s easy to understand. They’re sisters (that moment when they both say ‘you suck’ in those high pitched voices. Come on). But the Kat/Joey experience takes awhile to unfold (The surprise never fails to amaze me). 

Flitted through with the race of Cameron to beat Joey to date Bianca…  So much humor. until the moment she chooses. And the person she doesn’t choose reacts kind of violently. 

Ohhhh!!!! have you seen the teachers in this movie????? comedy at some of its best, I tell you. seriously. 

Then there’s everything else…falling in love. angst. paying people off. kissing. a tad bit of fighting. things that make small movies better by a landfill (such as this one). 

Then it just becomes so freaking quotable. I could quote this movie all the time  and be perfectly okay with that. But I won’t.

Lines like…”don’t make people make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want” or “all because you’re pretty doesn’t mean you can treat people like they don’t matter” add to greatness. 

I should also mention that I am completely in love with the soundtrack to this movie. entirely in love. like… best movie soundtrack. ever. for me, that is. 

Based off of Shakespeare this may be, but who cares? It’s entirely satiric, as was the play it came from, Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Can’t get enough of it love. 

I don’t care what others say, this will forever be one of my favorite movies, if not my actual favorite (tied with A walk to Remember). Sometimes old school just has to beat out the new school movie wise. 

I probably wouldn’t be able to give up other moves just for this one. But whatever. So… what’s your favorite movie? The one you could watch at least once a week? Most quoatable? Let me know. 

*I also feel proud to day that I can answer that I know where the Joker and Robin went to high school together.* haha ) 


3 thoughts on “10 Things I hate About You

    1. This is like my “go to” movie whenever I need a laugh. I can just sit there are quote the whole thing start to finish.

      On the up side of the play being misogynistic, my summer class proff (a comparative lit class) is letting me go from play to movie in comparison. it’s not right now excited I am to get to do this. At least my love for this movie is being put into a productive manner.

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