I Still Hate Endings

I remember writing awhile back about how much disdain I have for when TV shows end. If you’ve read it, you’ll know that I usually bawl my way through the final episodes with possible yelling included. Tonight, I’m close to finishing another show that will be much much different.

As I finish the show entitled Remington Steele, which I’ve already glamorized to a point, I can’t help but be somewhat… giddy. yes, giddy.

*Spoilers from here on out. Read at your own risk!!**

they’re together. kind of. with a marriage of convenience keeping them in place with humorous results. yet nothing is being done. Life keeps getting in the way of having a proper honeymoon, which is driving both them (surprisingly. they decided to make the fake marriage real) and me nuts. I’m an unapologetic romantic when it comes to stuff like this, remember? 

As this show concludes, I’m surprised how much this show has evolved. has changed. how the characters have grown close to one another. how they understand each other. 

While in Mexico (trying to honeymoon), Remington and Laura at one point kept making movie references until they came to one that they could agree upon. Mildred (their secretary) enjoyed their banter unlike their partner who was trying to keep them apart by saying “that’s one heck of a code” and Mildred replying “isn’t it wonderful?” 

… Or something like that. This is a change compared the early seasons before they learned to understand each other, or even the episode where they switched personalities as Remington supposedly became the logical one and Laura used TV show references in lieu of movies and kind of became Remington. which spawned the line (which just so happens to be one of my favorites) “Oh good lord you’re starting to sound like me and I’m starting to sound like you.” — That coming from Steele. 

I’ve also found my favorite episode. Nope, it’s not the wedding. That just fell flat for me, considering it was the original series finale. Nor is it that season 1 finale where Remington told Laura that he wasn’t ready to lose her yet (which is still pretty dang cute).

No… it’s a season four episode called “Sentimental Steele” in which they have to play a married couple with issues on a retreat. It’s just the funniest thing ever because at that point they both want a bigger relationship but are being commitment phobes  and neither knows how to express their respective feelings, angering the other. They end up yelling at each other multiple times which just makes things worse until things get cleared up. They end up having to have a serious talk about where things are going and it’s intense but doesn’t end too badly. 

Oh… this show. so much fondness. I’m think i’m going to go finish watching as soon as possible. Cry a bit. maybe yell ’cause it’s over and I’ll miss it. and be perfectly giddy because they’re together (finally) like they should be. 

This being said, what TV show held your favorite TV couple (that’s going to be another post in itself altogether soon)? which were you saddest see to end? Which had the best ending? Let me know in the comments! 


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