Go. Be Dauntless.

The other day  I was getting a pedicure. And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about this on my blog, I’ll get to that. Also, I’m not going to put a picture of my pretty toes on here, although I was tempted.

So, I was getting a pedicure. And I decided on a decently dark shade of grey, even though it was pretty despite its darkness. to be exact: it fit my somber/morose mood about going back to school.

but then my pedicurist asked if I wanted decoration on my toes. While we talked,  I knew what  I wanted:  a version of the dauntless insignia. You know, the flames ensconced by the circle.  Even though the shade of nail polish  I chose makes it nearly impossible to see the insignia. But I know it’s there.

And it’s my reminder to be brave as I head into this new school year. It doesn’t matter that the one professor who’s class I didn’t do horrible in, but not great either, is going to be teaching a class that I need/have been looking forward to. It most definitely doesn’t matter that my least favorite professor is going to be teaching my senior seminar.

I will head into both of these classes and be brave. I will hold my head up no matter what.

It’s my reminder to be dauntless even though it’s most deff. not my normal temperament. Part of why I got it, I guess. Yeah, I know. be myself. but myself kind of needs a booster so  I can be better.

I will do better than survive by barely breathing. I will thrive.

it’s my goal for the upcoming year.

Make sense? What would you get painted on your toes as a reminder (if you do so at all)? Or would go hardcore for a tattoo? let me know in the comments.


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