Hunger Games VS Divergent

I’ve posted already that I’m a believer that Dystopias are written for different purposes. But now I’m going to try to take a deeper look at two of the most popular: Hunger Games and Divergent. Because they’re the one’s I’ve spent the most time with. I know them best. Besides, it angers me that people would dare compare the two when they are so obviously different.

Shall I count the ways? Lets.

1. Everyone thinks that Tris and Katniss are two chicks who don’t take crap. Well, they’d be right. And that’s about where their similarities end (for me).  Katniss is already hardened when we meet her. Society has made her that way. In the same way, Tris was protected by her faction of Abnegation, and she had to learn how not take crap. Then, there’s part 2: Katniss felt forced to do anything that she did – right down to volunteering for tribute. Tris chose everything she ever did, right down to the bitter bitter end (don’t get me talking about that).

2. But it leads me to point 2. Can I talk about these worlds? They’re so very different, yet people assume that they’re the same just because they’re dystopias. no. no. no. no. no. just… no. If you’ve watched the bonus features to the Hunger Games movie, you’ll know that Suzanne Collins got the idea for the story by flipping between reality television and the news on war (or something like that). It wasn’t meant to be pretty. On the other hand, Veronica Roth deconstructed and rebuilt Critical Race theory. Beautiful, I tell you. Two separate things, these dystpais Don’t let the fact that Veronica Roth included war make you think that it’s actually about war.

3. Then there’s just the plain fact that Veronica Roth didn’t include a love triangle. You can see that she was toying with the idea throughout book one, but ultimately had Tris decide that that wasn’t what she wanted. I lost a while lot of love for the Hunger Games because of that – Besides some other things.

Of course, these worlds are not real. But if they were, I’d much rather have Divergent. I’d rather cut my hand and choose a faction over fight to the death on live TV, where I’d more than likely die.

But this is just me being me. Thoughts? concerns? which would you prefer to live in?


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