The title stands for the new ABC show How to Get Away With Murder. I don’t feel like typing out that whole thing all the time so bear with me.

Even though the show just premiered tonight, I’m having mixed feelings. it kind of feels like the college aged, more mixed mixed up version up Damages. Mostly, because it flashes between the past and present, showing how everyone becomes involved in some nefarious dealings: mainly someone was murdered. They may have showed us who, but i’m not telling =)

It’s strange, really. Damages is a fantastic show to watch. Kind of shady. The characters are a bit evil in what they do – similarly to Suits. Normally I don’t particularly mind (even if I become irked/grossed out at times) because the characters come shaped this way. They’re part evil when we meet them, so you can’t help but have a love/hate relationship with how they act, their motives, etc.

Yet the show kind of ends with the professor telling a student “…or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like.”

And that infinitely rubs me the wrong way. The main actress is a defense lawyer. She gets people out of jail, guilty or not, because it’s her job. Her methods are definitely not what I’d call legal.

Yet she’s telling someone to come. join her. do these things. And you’ll like yourself better because you’ll have this power. As if doing things that are going to lead you to murder are going to make a person like himself more. ย She is shaping these power greedy students (there are 5 total, but one in particular who needed “convincing”) who will do anything, and obviously I mean anything, to impress her. She is shaping them to essentially become her one day. They are going to become these lawyers that do anything to get a client off, illegal or not. Then she’s going to go home and sleep at night and be okay with whatever she’s done because it’s her code of ethics.

But it’s not my code of ethics. It entirely rubs me the wrong way. Even though the characters come to us already shaped, already power hungry, I can’t help but not like them. And I like the professor even less for… indulging them it it. Letting them have that taste in power that can all be theirs if they do things right.

That doesn’t mean the professor doesn’t have her moments. Telling a student not to take away learning opportunities for her own benefit of being a know it all? Brilliant. Having students go against each other proposing ideas? Not bad.

This doesn’t even scratch on the affairs going on, let alone randomly sleeping with someone just to get evidence. Also things that kind rubbed me the wrong way. Which is saying a lot considering some of the other shows I’ve watched over the years.

So… the show is okay so far. I enjoyed it for the most part. I’ll give it a few weeks for me to warm up to it.

Did you watch the show? Were you a huge freaking fan? Parts you didn’t care for? Let me know in the comments


3 thoughts on “HTGAWM

  1. Wonderful review, Charity! I watched the premiere of HTGAWM on Tuesday and I liked it. After seeing Viola Davis as a nice character in ‘The Help’, it was interesting to see her in this tough lawyer / law professor role. She is able to show a wide range of emotions in these two totally different, diametric roles which can mean only one thing – that she is a brilliant actress. I agree with what you said about the moral compass of the main characters – they are not admirable for their actions, especially as they seem to be encouraged to do anything to win a case. I too loved that ‘learning opportunity’ scene. I also found that last scene puzzling where the law professor tells the student – “…or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like”. I haven’t seen ‘Damages’ and so it was fascinating to read your comparison of HTGAWM with it. When I discovered that HTGAWM was produced by Shonda Rhimes, I wondered which series inspired it (as I find so many episodes in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which are similar to that of ‘House’). Now I know that it is ‘Damages’, thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚ I should watch ‘Damages’ sometime.

    I can’t wait to watch the next episode of HTGAWM ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this wonderful review!

    1. I forgot to add one more thing. It was nice to see Liza Weil (Paris from ‘Gilmore Girls) in HTGAWM. I couldn’t recognize her initially. And then she spoke and I heard Paris’ voice and then I recognized her. Could you recognize her?

    2. I didn’t recognize liza weil at first either. But I got there.

      Haven’t seen the help so I can’t compare the roles. But I know people are… upset by the differences. They need to get over it.

      Htgawm reminded me of damages. However people have been comparing it to a lot of things. Check it out if/when you can!!

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