The Guardian (TV Show)

OK. I’m admitting it. I started watching this show…. years ago, maybe? I can’t remember. Then I stopped watching, but don’t remember why. I just stopped. Probably found something better and more worth my time.

But here’s the thing: it was worth my time and I shouldn’t have stopped watching. This show is fascinating. I mean… seriously. first off it’s Simon Baker before he earned his fame playing the Mentalist. Second of all: Simon Baker plays an excellent jerk (in both series) that you just love to hate. You find his character slightly revolting but at the same times those characters make you want to keep watching

How do you stand to watch characters practically sell their souls to get what they want? Don’t get me wrong. All the character do this. Mainly on the upper scale side, not so much from the legal clinic. But both sides have it.

As I started into the second season, I enjoyed watching the two sides start to intermingle where it felt like it didn’t happen before. Nick’s dad Burton takes on a grandmother/grandchild duo and becomes attached to them. He’ll eventually take on the granddaughter as a foster child. Nick’s friend from the law firm James takes on Barbara (the secretary) as a client. That episode was incredibly sweet and kind of heartbreaking.

Not to mention the budding romance between Nick and LuLu. Even though this show didn’t last very long, I’m glad they didn’t torture us until the last possible moment. For a show that only lasted 3 seasons, waiting until the middle of season 2 isn’t half bad. *Sigh* …

Granted, I might think the premise of this show is just a tad bit stupid. Lawyer gets caught with drugs and sentenced to practice law for underprivileged people for so many hours? At this point I’m starting to wonder how no one has lost their licenses to practice law. It reminds me of Suits in that way (besides the fact that I already mentioned that the characters kind of sell their souls in point).

This show is from the early 2000’s. It’s not the fanciest. It’s not snappy. It’s not my normal fare. Yet here I am binge watching when I should be doing homework because it’s just that good. And because I’m waiting for Nick and LuLu to happen, all things considered.

Do you know about this show? Would you watch it? Does it sound even remotely interesting? Let me know in the comments.


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