Never Been a Fan of Dean

This comes in honor of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix =) I’ve been so so excited and waited for weeks. Now it’s here. And as I started the series from the top, I remembered why I never liked Dean.

At first I thought it was just me, but one of my friends agreed and I sighed with relief. But it seems strange. Why wouldn’t I like Dean?

He liked, if not loved Rory. That much is a known fact. Even from the beginning. He liked her for who she was. She entranced him with her reading skills. She was obviously awkward and he found it charming. But he never took the time to actually understand her or get into what she gets into. My cousin used the words patronizing and entitled.

And that bothers me. If you think I’m crazy, let me explain a little.

It comes to pass during the Bracebridge dinner. Jess is now in town and already having issues with Dean about Rory. But while Jess and Rory are on a sleigh ride, Jess asks Rory if Dean would ever get the importance of the snowman she had made with her mom. She sadly admitted no.

A few episodes later, Rory ends up having dinner with Jess and Paris. It’s one of my favorite episodes because I love watching them argue over books – something which Dean would never be able to do. Yet when Dean showed up Rory was afraid of him for no good reason.

Their relationship wasn’t abusive. I don’t think. But I find it strange that Dean didn’t want Jess and Rory talking. I can understand him not wanting to lose her, and she didn’t want to lose him. However… the way it all ended up just saddens me.

Sure, their relationship started out all nice and sweet. By the end of it just… no. Even worse after they got back together.

Patronizing and Entitled. Yep. That’s exactly what he is. He finds Rory fascinating because of how she is. Yet, he never takes the time to get into her stuff. In fact, I remember a few times when h actually made jokes at her. You think it’s all cute but really it’s like “how do you not support her in that??” And he’s entitled all because he thinks that because he thinks that Rory is “his” she’ll always be that way.

And it’s disastrous when that breaks. And it’s why I never liked Dean.


2 thoughts on “Never Been a Fan of Dean

  1. Interesting post, Charity 🙂 It is too early for me to comment on Dean as I have just reached the end of Season 2, but I agree with much of what you said. Dean was not a literary type and after the initial few episodes in which we see him reading, he doesn’t really get into books much and Rory’s interests and Dean’s interests don’t really match. Jess was a more natural with respect to reading and I enjoyed the conversations he and Rory had. And that episode in which Rory, Paris and Jess have that literary conversation is one of my favourite scenes as well. Having said that I also loved some of the scenes in which Dean comes in – for example when they make up at the end of season 1 when Dean visits Rory’s school. And before that when he tells her that he is making a car for her. Beautiful scenes.

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