The Guardian: The Show That Broke My Heart

I wrote a few posts ago about how wonderful this show is. And don’t get me wrong, this show is absolutely wonderful. But I was also wrong about a few things.

It’s not Chuck. It most definitely doesn’t make me yell or laugh or cry. It mostly just makes me… sad. This show is freaking sad. It breaks me heart. All the time. Every episode makes me want to just break down and cry. Yet I keep watching.

The main reason the show does this to me is because part of Nick’s sentence is to work at a place for underprivileged people – mostly children. These kids come from bad situations to begin with And those situations don’t normally end well. Nothing ever happens the way it’s supposed to.

I think part of this is just because it shows real life. I wasn’t raised this way. Nowhere near. So this just hits far from home and close to the heart. I don’t like to think of a world that can treat people this way; where people can end up like they do even though I know it’s real.

Then there’s the Nick/LuLu storyline. It happened. Still is. But most of the time these days I just want harm Nick. He is unable to communicate his feelings. it bothers me. Like “you love her. You know you love her. Just communicate in the best way possible that isn’t nonverbal.”

I can understand why he’s closed off. Just the way he was raised by his father. As you watch the older Mr. Fallin, you see he’s exactly the same way.

This doesn’t mean that he hasn’t grown as a character; he has. But sometimes it just doesn’t seem like it. He’s not the character that he was. You can especially see it in the last episode as he struggles to stay in the corporate world or stay with the underprivileged. I won’t say which one he chooses even though I know the answer. But it makes me happy.

So this show has broken my heart. I’ll never be the same for watching it. But I’ll also be eternally grateful that I ended up sticking with it, broken heart and all. This show also has one of the best possible endings, despite its short length.

P.S.: I strangely like Simon Baker better in this show VS the mentalist. Here he’s a jerk. obviously. But you can feel for him because of his situation even if you don’t want to. On The Mentalist it’s incredibly hard to feel for him. He’s just so straightforward and underhanded that you just can’t. He’s a jerk on purpose (defense mechanism, perhaps). Weird. Same character type but one is better.  who knew?


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